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It's possible, but I doubt it since he was always fine wearing the same diaper all night before. When he first started having issues with it, I did change him more frequently at night (once or twice), but it didn't help. Also, it has been my experience that rashes that are the result of simple overexposure to urine clear up quickly when kept dry and allowed to air out. This rash is a whole 'nother thing. Air does nothing for it. I may try the hand-washing plan,...
Yes, I guess I could. We also use family bathroom wipes, so it seems a shame to do this laundry by hand, when I am already doing a regular "diaper" load. It's guess it is worth trying, but I'm not looking forward to it. LOL
Thanks for your reply! I have already changed detergents a few times (all the ones I tried were detergents well-rated for cloth), and I already use a *very* small amount of detergent. I can try adding vinegar, though. That is something to try. I have used a number of different detergents in the past eight years or so I have been CDing (always using a tiny amount) and, until now, never had any build-up issues. I even used an environmental detergent that is notorious for...
Thanks for your reply! We mostly use fleece covers, which are quite breathable. We do have wool covers, too, but I haven't found using them makes any difference. My hunch is that there is something going on in the prefolds, either from the washer or from some kind of really stubborn, invisible build-up. As I mentioned, there are never suds in the extra rinses and hot washes I do. If there is still yeast there, I cannot imagine what else could get rid of it, after...
About 4 or 5 months ago, my son had a very bad rash on his penis. It seemed to develop rather quickly. He had large, fluid-filled blisters and the area was so swollen he could not pee! He is ECed, and near graduation, so he only spends night time in a diaper. Nevertheless, this was first identified as a yeast rash, so he was prescribed a cream for that. (I would have tried something natural, but when your kid can't even pee...) It seemed to work very well, but then came...
We haven't used it for close to a year, but we did have issues occasionally. It wasn't annoying enough to turn us off, although sometimes I would redo a section for my daughter. Some of the tasks seem to be testing mouse abilty, not reading skills. I had a tough time on some of the parts; those were annoying to redo.
I have heard the the Baby Wunder clear potty is more brittle than other potties. If you have this potty, did it break or crack? How much stress can the potty take before it's a problem. I need a new potty and am thinking of splurging on the clear one, but if it is going to break, I won't. TIA!
No, I don't think this will be another Great Depression.
I don't know how she was before, but if she was perfecty fine before, and it all started with the visit to the gym's playroom, I would not think celiac. Please take her in right away.
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