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Wow. A lot of misconceptions about Lamaze!   This, from GreenMama for instance, is absolutely incorrect: In order to be recognized as a true "Lamaze" childbirth preparation class, it must be lead by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE).You can confirm if your educator is a LCCE here: http://www.lamaze.org/FindALamazeChildbirthClass A true Lamaze class will have no more than 12 couples, with 4-8 being ideal. The class must be consistent with the Six Healthy Birth...
Wow. I've been all over allrecipes and never saw that search engine! Thanks SleepyPeanuts!!
Great point Marsupialmom,   Trying to be aware of everyone's "thresholds"....(kids and moms).
Omigosh...I knew I would find comfort here.  This thread is sooo relevant to my situation too.  We had a slight cousin-conflict over Thanksgiving, with my 3.5 yr old (daycare kid) being a little rougher/louder/grabby-er than his more gentle 2.5 yr old (stay at home mom) cousin.  Reiterating what previous posters have said, its obvious that firm discipline by other adults is welcomed if my kid purposely hits, or puts other kids in harms way.  That being said, my...
oh yeah, stick a disposable diaper in a sink and fill it with water...its insane the guck inside when they explode. (okay, not EXPLODE...but still..)
AWESOME!! THANK YOU!! My husband always jokes that I need a little business card outlining all of the wonderfulness of homebirth (since I can never put it very eloquently when I'm put on the spot). I seriously may print this out and laminate it to pass out to strangers...
Sounds like the perfect hospital transfer...no cutting!! Your midwife did exactly as she should, recognized when things weren't going smoothly and got you to the hospital in perfect time. GOOD GIRL!! Thank you for your story. I'm so happy it was still a vaginal birth and your baby is healthy and happy. Thank you.
I would have listened to my own body more. I felt the *pushy* sensation and ask MW if I should push. She said to only push if I'm at 10cm (we hadn't checked dilation yet). I was afraid to check and find out I wasn't close, so I held off longer than I probably should have. As soon as I felt pushy, I would have had MW check dilation and get to pushing!! I probably could have shortened my labor time.
At the risk of sounding like a bumper sticker... Birth is Safe, Interference is Risky. Birth is nothing to fear. Doctors with scalpels are what I fear. Don't fear pain, don't fear *something going wrong*. If you are low risk, the chances for something drastic happening before you can get to a hospital are virtually nil. Your tub will soothe your pain. The lack of stress of people rushing you through labor will minimize your pain. Why not try it? You can...
FINALLY. I was becoming physcially ill hearing about all of the elective C-sections....ARGH. I'm so happy natural childbirth is a priority for some celebrities.
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