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Great thread!     DS will be 9 and in 4th next year. We plan on continuing with what we are doing and adding in some fun science.  DS plans on being a scientist and just loves the stuff but I have yet to find something that is both doable but not horribly complex with DS age 2.5 around.   SOTW 3 and 4 WWE 2 HWT Cursive Success Draw Write Now Singapore 4a/b MCT Island level (we took this much slower than others and will need two years to finish the...
Another recommendation for Apple Seeds. It's filled with history and science. My ds 8 likes it.
Singapore does not come with manipulatives. In the HIG it suggests using your own as many children need manipulatives but the actual TB does not reference them. For science, I really like "Janice VanCleave's Chemistry for Every Kid". She has a whole series but this is the only one I've used.
Hey Mama, HSing is not very rigid here. You do have to file and sign a form saying that you're meeting all the requirements and then meet with a teacher at the end of the year to verify that you are in fact not locking your child in a closet. However you just pick a certified teacher who is open to your kind of hs'ing and go from there. Jobs are not great but not awful either. The cheapness of a good life here makes up for some of the job issues. I am not a native...
My 4 yo has an itchy, off-smelling bottom which I suspect is yeast. She also has loose stools (has always been this way) and complains of belly aches. The belly aches have lessened since we cut out dairy but her stools are still loose. Does it sound like systemic yeast or something else? What to try? She already takes a pro-biotic (non-dairy) as well as fish oil. TIA!
If you want the works then you have to go to Patterson's Fruit Farm. http://www.pattersonfarm.com/ For just apples we go to Eddy's Fruit Farm which is owned by a homeschooling family. They do minimal spraying and have good prices. http://www.eddyfruitfarm.com/
I've been pondering this after reading an article in the NYT last week by some italics proponents. I have atrocious handwriting even after years of practice and the simplicity of italics is appealing.
My dd is a precocious 3.5 yr old and for the upcoming year I have the following things for her: lentil activity kit playdough Kumon workbooks (cut & paste, stickers, etc.) beeswax lacing cards bucket scale puzzles
Hey Mama, There have been birth centers here but they have largely disappeared due to the medical culture and the lack of malpractice ceilings. I have heard good things about SJWS as well as Lakewood. We also have some awesome hb mws in the area. You might want to post over on http://www.apcleveland.com for more details.
Good luck! T-tapp is awesome. I have some back issues (manifests as CTS) and the only thing I've found that helps is doing BWO+ every week.
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