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I kind of liked the pampas heather for my dh. I know he would love the onyx heather for sure but I have tidepool, pampas, onyx and forest heathers on my list. I made him a brown sweater last year so browns are out.
Hey Janet. I am planning to make this and sub the Classic Elite with either the Northampton from Webs or Wool of the Andes. I checked Ravelry and some people are using WOTA, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Peace Fleece and Beaverslide's Fisherman Tweed.
You can take the belly pad out by taking the buckle out of the seat. You will probably have to uninstall the seat to get it out. You can read the directions on how to get it out on page 33 of the user manual. You should also clean the buckle following the directions on page 34 at the same time. I have had problems with getting the harness to click into the buckle. It was because little bits of food had worked their way in there.
I've always washed my Britax covers in the machine on the hand wash cycle. Make sure you hang them to dry though.
The whole issue with a covering up is that the cover implies that the baby is doing something that should not be seen, that breastfeeding is dirty. If a nursing mom wants to NIP and cover that is fine, but she should not be asked or forced to cover.
I am really surprised that Thomas and King and Applebee's have not made any efforts to make apologies for this. If I was Brooke Ryan I would be suing them. She is a better woman than I. An Applebee's is being built in my city and I was really looking forward to the rib basket. I have read that IHOP may be buying Applebee's out. Hopefully they have a more nursing friendly policy. I did take time to write an e-mail to the station earlier. I did an interview with one...
Quote: Originally Posted by happymomma 60 minutes ran late and our tivo only got the first 30 minutes of BB last night...what did I miss? Anything happen in the last 30 minutes? Mine did the same thing. I watched the rest of it online at cbs.com and it was awesome. Can't wait for Tuesday.
http://www.wkyt.com/ The poll is on the upper left. It is in response to the nurse out in Lexington, KY yesterday. Please vote and, if you have time, contact the station letting them know that the poll is ridiculous seeing as KY has a law to protect the rights of nursing mothers.
My ds1 is left handed. I knew he was for sure when he was 8 months old. You talk about it like it is some kind of disability or, in the least, an undesirable quality. It's not.
My ds' primary dx is AS and he is also diagnosed with ODD. That psychologist is full of crap.
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