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With my first, my water broke in the middle of a 42+ hour painful labor (My membranes had been stripped, which I think prematurely started labor for me - baby was NOT ready to come yet).   My second was born in the veil - it broke when his shoulders were born.   For my third my water must have broken sometime when I was in the tub, probably just before she was born.
No problem! Interesting anout the clouding though, it didn't cloud up our water much. Maybe it was a different salt that we used.''   Good luck with your water birth!
We picked up a tub of sea salt from a restaurant supply place.   Sea salt in the water will make you more bouyant(you float more, which helps during labor) and better mimics the amniotic fluid that baby is in. Salt water is also very healing; Salt is a bacteriostat (stops bacteria from replicating), which is handy if you tear at all during birth.
Wow! What a variety of responses!!   Birth #1 - 42+ hour labor, maybe an hour or more of pushing (was exhausted and had epidural after 30+ hours of very painful labor) Birth #2 - 4 hour labor at home, pushed maybe 20 minutes (just as MW arrived) Birth #3 - 2 Hour labor at home, pushed 10-20 minutes since baby's shoulder was stuck on my pubic symphysis (MW made sure to show up early  this time since my last birth she almost missed!).   All my babes have been posterior...
Hi mama, As a hypoglycemic mom who had two successful homebirths ( one just 4 months ago), I just wanted to interject a couple of things. Diet is really critical during pregnancy and nursing. It sounds like you are doing all the right things in getting rid of refined sugars; I STRONGLY recommend upping your protein too. Protein actually is better for keeping our blood sugar more stable than simple sugars or carbs. I kept a mix of nuts and dried fruit on hand that i could...
Hi! Right now we are back in ABQ to have baby #3, but there is a possibility we will move back up to the IL's in the early spring once baby is a little older. We are trying to figure all that out now. I'll let you know via PM once we figure things out.
If you do turn out to be the father and truly want to maintain a relationship with your daughter, i suggest you start documenting every text, phone call and attempt you have made to be a part of her life since you found out about the pregnancy. The court system likes documentation, and it may help your case.
I'm done. Really. This is #3 for us, and even though I had a great uneventful pregnancy I am turning 45 at the end of the year. Three always felt like the right number for us (although I always thought there might be a set of twins since it can run in the family), so I feel pretty happy right now.   Especially since DD#2 is such a sweet mellow girl so far! After the intensity of DD and DS as little people (DD #1 almost didn't have any siblings, since she was a VERY...
I just wanted to send hugs your way, Mama. My DD2 was breech up until the last three weeks of pregnancy, and moved a lot after that (all three of mine were posterier). It seems that you are doing all the right techniques to try and get your babe to turn, soI don't know I can offer any suggestions there, beyond visiting the spinningbabies.com website and seeing if there is another technique you havent tried (like homeopathic pulsatilla). Have you tried talking to your...
Congratulations Graysmama!
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