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Aolive - Just wanted to get back to you real quick about a few thoughts I had and what ended up working (or not) for us. My DD1 was my high-needs, boob loving baby, so when I was pregnant with DS I just assumed that I would tandem nurse them until DD was ready to wean. I went through the drop and stopping of the milk supply for a few months, and DD kept nursing through it all. The worst time was really the several months of feeling like I could not stand to be touched...
I just want to second the above advice. Building good sleep habits in your toddler and having help with nighttime parenting will be really important once you have your birth. You may also find out you hate nursing while pregnant, or your HB plans may change at the last minute if you transfer before birth. There are SO many variables between now and then, you have a lot you can work on to make life easier once you have the baby. FWIW, I nursed DD through pregnancy and had...
I hope you are in the middle of labor, Greys! If not, check out spinningbabies.com website for good labor positions. DD was posterior (all my babies are posterior, ugh), and the abdominal lift really helped my labor and contractions get moving along.
Thanks mamas! It was a very intense birth, but we are both doing great. And for the first time ever, i have a sleepy newborn. Such a change from the others, it is really nice. Gray, i know it is hard, but be gentle with yourself. Babies really do arrive when they are ready. I had a bad anxiety moment a few days before labor too, and some Rescue Remedy really helped.
Hang in there GraysMama! Your babe will come soon! Speaking of babes, I had my DD2 yesterday (labor day, ironically enough). Two hour active labor (including pushing) and her shoulders got stuck, but she was born at home in the water with the family all around.
Still preggo here (40w+3d), with no real signs of labor impending. DD was about a week late, so I'm not worried yet, but it would be nice to meet the new baby while my sister is still here visiting!   Cardigan, I hope you are holding your little one by now, WOW you have been through a lot already!!
Congrats to all the new babies!! And lots of labor vibes to those of us still waiting... Mine might be a September baby too (I already have one), if she keeps waiting like this. And I was so sure she would be early! Funny how every pregnancy and labor is SOOOooo different.
I think you're doing just fine with your approach, so I just wanted to offer my support. I think that giving her periods of your undivided attention are really important, as is allowing her the time and space to vent her own frustrations about the new baby in a safe and respectful manner. The pillow idea is a good one - it would give her a way to physically expend the anger without taking it out on another person. I think that for some kids it can be a difficult transition...
Wild picture, Mama505!! Where in NM are you (if you don't mind me asking). I'm in ABQ...(and still pregnant too..)
I haven't done chiropractic since getting pregnant (mainly because of $$), but I am very much open to it.
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