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My daughter is 13 months, and I want to figure out the TV thing before it becomes a problem. Ideally, I want to get rid of our TV all together. We are so busy, and every time we watch, I always feel that I have wasted precious time. My Pakistani relatives were visiting for 6 months while Cutie was 4 to 10 months old, and they kept the TV on constantly. We got cable just so they wouldn't be watching Divorce Court and Judge Judy; then, they were watching, mostly, the...
I am really happy for your successes! I am so wistful that we didn't start teaching Ursula from Day 1 how and when to "go." Is it too late for us? Is anyone else "night-nursing"? /Caitlin
Ooo. I am so excited to find a good EC thread here! Ursula is 11 months. We started when she was 5 or 6 months... and, having started so late, I think we are at a disadvantage. We have had mixed success, and maybe yall can trouble-shoot are situation. For a few months, while her Pakistani grandma lived with us, she put Ursula on her Baby Bjorn little plastic potty every time, Ursula started to "grunt" and make a poopy. Unfortunately, this has always (!!) been...
I actually had difficulty finding used cloth diapers at the Used Stuff Kids Sales precisely because the older moms were buying them cheap for cleaning!! /Caitlin
Bon Ami --calcium carbonate-- is an essential. What else? vinegar borax (what's the chemicals in this? It is a sodium right?) baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) What else is "essential" for cleaning?
Thank you, Lala. I looked all over for it earlier, before posting, but I found it immediately this time! Go figure. I'll repost my message there. Cheers, /Caitlin
Hello, My family is chemically sensitive. My daughter was born in December 2001, and a lot of the clothing and stuff that I am finding has unhealthy residues either from dyes, treatments, or, if used, from nasty detergents and nastier fabric softeners. So, I am starting this thread in hopes that other people interested in healthy housing can network on healthy hand-me-downs. I'm looking for a "natural" parent who might have a daughter 6 months or a year or...
New Posts  All Forums: