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Finished this morning! It feels so good! I love staring at it.
Thank you SO much!! We will have a car as well. This I exactly what I was looking for, I'll google it as well. Thanks again.
Thanks everyone! I didn't think to ask about sun when we looked at the apartment because we were in such a time crunch We are moving in July, so maybe I'll just try kale and see how it goes. The patio gets close to zero direct sunlight, there is one small area that gets a tiny bit. Maybe an hour or two. We have GREAT sun in the back of the apartment, but we have no room back there. Bummer. Thanks again.
hello ladies! i have missed many many months- my laptop did a final fail on me :(   jumping in to sub and hopefully catch up a bit with all thats gone on!    
i have to thank you for all your wonderful inspiration, tracy!   thank you thank you thank you every year, i would have forgotten to do this on time if it werent for you.    
is this possible?     the only space i have is a patio off of a breezy lagoon. i want to grow kale, chard and maybe a few other greens, tomatoes, and basil.   i had a decent potted garden 4 years ago- in arizona. so its been a while since i have gardened and now i am in the bay area so im a little freaked out.   any tips?
depending on who i am talking to i am either a radical unschooler or not an unschooler so my opinion is coming from a very informal place.   we do not limit toys in the way of not letting them get what they want because we do not approve.   we have a set weekly amount of cash that we set aside for each kid and they can pretty much get what they want. the amount isnt determined by chores or anything other than "we can afford X amount". they either pick something...
geez i miss arizona!   we moved to california and it feels super restrictive. although i guess in comparison it isnt that bad.   we do not have to test or have check ins if you file a private school affidavit. but if you want the funding that is available you have to have checkin and possibly testing? i didnt read that far in.   im doing the private school, which seems to be the preferred route amongst the local unschoolers i have met.        
where is the old thread?   I am going to be back in tucson for a week (or more hopefully) and i realized i do not have contact info for a lot of you guys anymore! i got a new phone and hadnt backed up my old one in a while.   so can you guys DM your numbers?   i miss everyone so much!!!! Cant wait to see how big all the kiddos are!
dh is travelling there on business and i have family there so we are going for maybe 3-4 days.   any specific places that we NEED to see/take the kids?     looking for any family friendly recs....
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