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i feel like the old thread got lost and it started off with a major whine fest- so now that i am a bit more positive, i thought a new thread might be in order!   I am Jen and I have 3 kids- 5.5, 3 & 1.     we are up for park or library meetups in foster city or half moon bay/el granada.   we are also looking to move coastal soon, so if anyone knows of any great homes for rent from pacifica to pescadero- please DM me!        
hey there! APPEN still exists and is very active.   i STILL Have not become a member, but i have met a bunch of the mamas and it seems great.   we are new to the peninsula.... well, we moved here in august... and i am not too much of a fan. EVERYTHING is a drive and we moved here from the desert so we feel like its always chilly, rainy and overcast. But im sure its nothing compared to where you are!!!     hope you get APPEN figured out soon!  
I have read and reread this post about 5 times. Are you serious? Really and truly?I'm not joking when I say that my mother might've said this exact thing to me 20 years ago when it was pajama day at school (and I wasn't allowed to wear mine).I, for one, am glad that most people I have come in contact with throughout the country do not share this opinion! It's antiquated for sure.I am thrilled that society has started basing their opinions of people off of their character...
Alina- it might be clear enough this Friday- if we did sunfish park or marlin park we could do it because they are close enough that rain wouldn't be too big a deal. Let me know what you think! Melaniee- anytime is good for us as long as weather is permitting! We are almost always up for an afternoon playdate! I'll pm you my number.
absolutely. i couldnt really imagine why i wouldnt. I would have had them wear shoes.    in fact, i think my now almost 3 year old went everywhere in a new pair of pajamas over the summer.    i have a picture of her at the beach in pjs and rain boots and at the mall in the same pjs.    i wear yoga pants that look like pjs everywhere. why not?
thursdays would work for us!   we should plan something when the weather clears.
i am just seeing this!   we had such a good time, too!   if you are available friday we could meet up again.    maybe next week if the weather clears up?
So my dh is home from work today. I am going to drive over so I won't have the jogger. He may come with me to the park, but idk. Is anyone else coming? Ok, my oldest just convinced dh to come and bring the slackline:) See you soon!
 Neither did I! Found it on craigslist searching for double joggers!
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