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Let's do edgewater park, Friday at 10! It had the least scary playstructure;) I'll have a huge red triple jogger.
 I'm open to more mamas! I invited mama from playgroup today too.If anyone is up for a library meet up Wednesday we will be going at some point.
Hmm. Are there links in that post? I'm on my iPhone while trying to get 3 kids ready for park. Lol. I added links but don't see them.
So Friday at 10am it is! There are a ton of parks around here- we could go to any of them. We are heading to boothbay today Edgewater Farragut park is great too!
I quit working when my oldest turned two. As a pp said, I do definitely miss being the fancy pants cardiac ICU nurse. But I have ZERO desire to take on that stress and intensity. I really enjoy vein home more than I enjoyed nursing. I think if I get over being home, I will go back to school for something completely different. I look at my RN period as part of my early 20s. I want to grow and evolve into something that speaks to me on a different level.
  Awesome! I'll plan for Friday the 11th then!
Hey there! I am a homeschooling mama & I live in foster city. My kids are 5.5, 2.5 and 13 months. We have been attending a homeschooling/ unschooling park group on Mondays. The location changes, but I can pm you details if your interested! I'm also available for meetups in foster city anytime Nak!
Friday morning works for us! Which park would work best? We really enjoyed edgewater park last week. The play structure was good for the younger kids.
 That would be awesome!We have guests coming this week, but next week would be fun!
So cancel that. The girls are saying they do not want to go to marlin park.... So I think we are going to go to the library and then catamaran park. If anyone wants to meet up, pm me and I'll get the email on my phone.
New Posts  All Forums: