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hey mamas!   i know its super short notice, but i am going to take the kids to marlin park. its a little closer to me in case it rains....   i am totally flexible on times though so if anyone wants to join me let me know what time is good.   if i dont hear anything by 12 I will just head over and stay for an hour or two.
My place always gets trashed, but I enjoy every second if playtime the kids get, so I don't mind picking up. I can usually untrash the apartment in under an hour. I love the sound of kids playing and don't like stopping that rush to have them pick up.... And I never let people help clean up, i feel it's just part of hosting... But I'm like that with every kind of get together, I don't like my guests to clean. It actually bothers me... I'm OCD... So I do everything really...
I know! We are doing laundry (which involves a short walk) and it was clear so we walked to starbucks... Got caught in rain on the way home! I immediately thought of this thread here. Good thing we are so close. My birthday was seriously one of the best birthdays of my life. Yay for 30!
No it's totally good! I was feeling like hibernating but kept talking myself into committing! Dh took my birthday off on Tuesday and I had a friend over today so I've got lots to do around here! Enjoy your week with the ILs!?! A week seems pretty long.....
I just checked the weather and it does look clear. Maybe we could do sunfish park or marlin? Those are a bit closer in case it does rain... Because that's totally how my life goes. Even though sunfish doesn't have a bathroom it is right across from marlin park.... And it's got a great sand box area.Or we could do the library.I cannot believe next week is thanksgiving already!?!Time is flying!
Anyone want to meet up? I'm worried about possible rain....
Thanks everyone for coming! Seriously, we had a great time! I am so happy I posted this!
So 10am Friday sound good? Gull park again?
except for that vaccinated children and adults CAN (and often do) transmit pertusis.   cdc fast facts     also many adults are NOT up to date on their own vaccinations and therefore are totally capable of giving your child pertusis.    just keeping unvaxed kids away is not going to protect you like you think it is.
I got into an argument with kwame kilpatrick over a dressing room at the gap. I had no idea it was him- and I chewed him out.... This was pre-scandal- over 6 years ago.
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