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Quote: Originally Posted by mama2mygirl I live in the East Bay but it wouldn't take long for me to get over the San Mateo Bridge. I have a 1.5 yo baby girl and an almost 8 yo girl who homeschools. I would love to meet up. Awesome! Dd1 will be so excited! She has yet to meet another homeschooled friend in California. Would you want to come tomorrow? I think it'd be fun to have a group.... I'm So excited to talk to other women I might cry
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl Is 1:00 OK? That way I know naptime will be over with time built in to drive. If that's too late I can come earlier and DS can sleep in the car if he needs to (he's a good car kid). Is it a big park? How will I find you? Just go to the toddler play structure maybe? I'd post a picture but I am soooo not photogenic...wait my kid is though! Here he is. 1:00 is great! I'll pm you my number in case...
Quote: Originally Posted by kismetbaby Besides what you can glean from my sigi--I'm almost 35, a feminist, and before motherhood swallowed my brain I was a photographer and art historian. My name is Lucinda. I have met a lot of mamas since having my LO, but haven't found many I really click with (my closest mama friend is someone also from MDC). I can be kind of reserved, so I find it hard to make friends, but it's lonely as a SAHM and I'd love to...
So we just drove around checking out the parks... Man there are a lot! Gull park on gull ave. Is probably the best bet- toddler sized play structure, older play structure, swings, bathroom and beach. If that sounds good just let me know a time that works.
i found this hth
we are very heavily inspired by waldorf education... but as homeschoolers/unschoolers we are not too strict about anything. id say 90% of our toys are wooden/cotton/handmade.... but my 5 yo does like my little ponies (older style), my little pet shops and legos. we support her playing with anything open ended. she builds the most amazing things with legos- straight from her imagination...spends hours and hours with them- really- i sit in awe a lot of the time. i...
i think its normal to have those symptoms when switching to live milk, however, 2.5 cups might be too much too quickly. i would slowly build her up to raw milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjangi Hi Jen I am Shahnaz and am in Foster City. Would love to connect. Two boys 4.5 and 3. Welcome to the area Shahnaz Awesome! Any days/times that work best?
Hey there! I'm just seein this, but I'm also new to the bay area... We moved here in august. My dd1 is 5 and dd2 is 2.5 and I have a 10.5 mo old. I don't have any recs for you, but if you ever want to come to foster city during the week (dh and I share a car) we would love to hang out! We are available to hang out anywhere on the weekends when I have full access to the car too! Our very favourite thing has been the farmers markets too... Dh works in half moon bay and...
Friday is good! I'll check out which ones have the smaller toddler play areas and let you know! I always have to follow my dd2 close- she is a daredevil and accident prone. I'm excited!
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