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i did. i was charting as well... i was outside of my "fertile" times, no fertile mucus, etc. we dtd one time in a 6 mo period- he pulled out and i got pregnant.... ds is 1 months and there will be no dtd and pulling out for us ever again
Quote: Originally Posted by moominmamma A new baby is a curriculum. You're already homeschooling again. Your dd's are learning about empathy and infant development and hygiene and nutrition and patience and diapers and breastfeeding and self-sufficiency and helpfulness and all that. Seriously! You really can't overestimate the value of all that life-learning. Let the 3Rs take a back seat for a while. There's plenty of other stuff that's being...
i let ds (10) months have sips of mine. but any quantity before 12 months is just taking away from the superior nutrition of breastmilk.
i wouldnt unless there were pretty severe health problems resulting from it. Im a nurse, and I have seen too many routine surgeries go *horribly* bad. Im just not willing to risk it.
my dd1 would love something like this. I am also an artist and have every possible art supply imaginable at home... but an opportunity to create in the environment you described- without me or her siblings? oh yes. she would LOVE it.
ive never heard of "no mushrooms" i could see the tomato even, because i know of a lot of babies that get rashes from the acidity... but the mushroom? thats so weird.
everything! i do not know what i would do without my carriers! ds LIVES in them! it soothes him, i can breastfeed AND chase after my older two... plus dh & i share babywearing/toddler wearing... so dd2 can reconnect and be soothed by being worn. dh can put her in the ergo and she falls asleep on his chest so fast! soooo sweet. its also the only way ds stays content with dh for more than 20 minutes.
i actually prefer to not get a card. an email, a phone call or a text... but a paper card? seems like a waste.
we love elsa beskow and sybylle von olfers and astrid lindgren. they hold everyones attention (even mine) i dont know how waldorf they are but i do like eric carle. we love barefoot books. she loves books that are written for the songs i sing to her. for ages 2-3 i really take their cue... sometimes my 2.5 year old will stay interested while i read, sometimes we look through the artwork and she points out things/makes a story, etc. beautiful & interesting artwork is...
there are certain toys that we just do not keep- we just tell family- nothing plastic & made in china or with batteries for the littles that mouth their toys. my dd1 is 5 so she chooses her toys... but even she knows about plastic being toxic and cheap toys having lead. really, its a safety issue as well as a waldorf principle. children shouldnt be mouthing and/or surrounded by cheap plastic. we also talk openly with family about it. most of them stick to...
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