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so im stuck under a nursing olive & k is refusing to get dressed. my plans of leaving the house are disintegrating before my eyes Im still trying... although obviously- it will not be at noon
sonoran desert museum would be a must see. kartchner caverns if you are up for hiking there are about a million great places to hike in and around town the degrazia gallery is cool. the tucson botanical gardens agua caliente park at night you can always check out the observatory at the UofA there is more... my baby is up have fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by desertdessert jen, i hope this doesn't sound stalkeresque, but i received the contact list tonight and i know your email from somewhere. but WHY??? do i know you from another life? (or maybe another site, lol.) did you used to be on my web site update list? i cannot figure this out and i thought i'd just ask you. this is the sort of thing that will bug me until i think of it. its quite possible you know me from...
as a person who has been abducted, i vote never. my dads best friend kidnapped me from the playground and my teacher was less than 10 feet from me. she was in shock. could not move. different scenario, but being that i remember people staring at me as i screamed for help & no one moved??? I am ''**too aware** that things can happen SO FAST that you just can not react fast enough. so i would never. ever. leave my kids in the car.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ligeia We need to go after 12 because we have an appointment in the morning. I don't think we'll be together enough tomorrow to put together a picnic though, we really need to go grocery shopping and I don't see that happening until later! So anyway, we'll probably be snacking and maybe getting an unfortunate lunch at the zoo eatery. :P ill just plan on that too then..... fries at the zoo! : my kitchen is void...
i like mothering for a cure..... i think mothering helped sponsor the bill legislature event???? i wonder if they would this if we got enough mdc mamas?
breasts for breast cancer? lmao i could ask chandra for "breast or bust" shirts.....
i try to keep it to adult specific topics. it never fails though that something gets brought up and i have no idea how to respond without sounding awkward or judgmental.. and im not judgmental.... it is just that some things, I really have no idea about.... and I get that "oh give me a break, lik eyou have never _______" like I am lying or something. Its isolating for sure.
Quote: pop popcorn- make french fries or fried chicken baked goods (but not substitute applesauce). - My guess on this one is either a good lard (which is hard to find) or coconut oil. for popcorn & fried foods we use peanut oil, ghee, coconut oil baked goods either coconut oil or butter..actually, in all baked goods, I replace butter for vegetable oil....i love. butter.
Quote: Originally Posted by spughy I think the body pH theory is fairly bogus because there is such a narrow band at which your blood pH can range and you can still remain alive, and the difference in effects on any individual element (such as microorganisms, bone calcium extraction, etc.) of a pH of 7.30 vs 7.40 are so small as to be nonexistant. blood pH normally lie betweeen 7.35-7.45 it is a delicate balance & blood pH on either end of...
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