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I have 3 sons 14, 12, 9... oldest circed other 2 not... never been an issue. 
Hi, I work in L and D at Mission and we most definately do VBAC s they are actually encouraged  (unless you have had multiple csections or classical incision) I think you will find that with all the obgyn practices in the area as well as the mahec midwives and new dawn midwifery who also deliver at mission! 
When I was working as a birth doula I worked with several families that had planned to circumcise in the beginning but with info from me, none of the mentioned families circumcised when it came down to it and many became very much against the procedure. Had they not had me as their doula they may have never been presented with the information and who knows what may have happened. I understand where you are coming from but I feel like some families do not have enought...
Yeah we have found another dentist. I hope it did not sound like I was not going to get the cavities on the other side of his mouth filled, just not with the same dentist. I went through hell just to get them to use the resin fillings and the entire office treated me like a nut. They acted as though they had never heard of anyone not wanting mercury fillings, and questioning flouride paste, sealants and xrays. I want to be informed, but after they filled the teeth with...
wow thanks. I have not had the other side of his mouth done cause after I consented to the one side I felt weird about it, and have been trying to find out more info.
thanks for the reply. I will check on that. I did get the resin fillings but did not know there was an option of resin caps.
Hey does anyone have any opinions on the use of those stainless steel caps. My 6 year old had one side of his mouth done, cavities filled with composite fillings and the dentist then talked me into putting on stainless steel caps on a couple teeth for added protection. I agreed but now that it is time to work on the cavities on the other side of his mouth, I am not so sure about them. Any advice anyone? Thanks in advance.
My DH is..... Funny Smart A wonderful father A great friend Trusting Kind The most supportive man I have ever met A great cook Cleans the house as much as I do He believes in me He is a wonderful lover I could go on and on....I am truely blessed to have him in my life
I second the "go in the morning" ...I am in school full-time and my dh is at home with the boys, when I get home he goes to work. So I go to the gym early in the moring and that works out great.
I sometimes say "shut it" in a joking way when he is making fun of me for something I did or just joking around about something stupid....but its not in a mean way, just kidding around. I try not to ever say shut up to anyone. I do not like the way it sounds, and I really stress to the kids that I don't want them to say that to anyone.
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