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Aww, thanks! That's sweet. I did lose this week and it has me tempted but I am having a hard time keeping up. I think I will just stalk everyone the next round :) Yay!!!  Congratulations!   AFM, I finished at 166
I will be sitting out the enxt challenge but will try to follow along. Good luck ladies!
Aaaargh. I am stuck. Actually, I am back up to 167. I need to seriously shake things up.
I am letting this thread go. I am hoping one of the new postpartum mamas will pick it up. Weight loss has been slow but steady for me. I am well below my pre-pg weight and my baby turns 2 this month. I no longer feel the pp thread is right for me. Good luck mamas!
166.8 so, still essentially stuck. I am going to a camping beer festival this weekend. That won't help....
Sorry for the late post. Travelling this week. Also completely stalled at 167.2
I am stalled at 167.2
167.2 I am pretty excited about that number. I just started AF so felt like I would be up or the same if I was lucky. If I can have a good week this week and the water from AF goes away I feel like I could see a big loss.
Congratulations Stegenrae!!!
I did go buy a new pair of jeans. I just needed to be able to throw something on that looked decent. My suits and stuff for work are just starting to fit comfortably so I think I have a while before I have to worry about work clothes.   I have been considering breast surgery too. One has always been way bigger than the other. I was hoping to even it out a bit while nursing but no, the larger one was a favorite of both kids so 3+ years of nursing did not help. I am...
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