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I'm looking for math resources for my 9yo.  He's very smart and very resistant to being "taught" anything.  He really wants to figure things out on his own.  He would enjoy fun videos, kahn academy is a little to straight forward, or apps.
I'm curious about how this happens.  I'm a pretty good speller, learn things easily visually, read a lot, was forced to do all those spelling tests in school.  Recently I heard some very mainstream moms on a podcast saying teachers at their school said studies show that memorizing spelling for tests doesn't work.  My 8yo ds reads tons, writes almost not at all, does lots of stuff on the computer, and always asks me to spell almost everything.  It almost seems like he...
Where can I get pajama's that aren't treated with the fire retardant chemicals with out spending a lot of money?
I'm looking for reviews of growler tapes and boomerang radio. Are they good, what is the content like? Are there others that are similar to these? I'd be particularly interested in ones that are funny. tia
I'm sure this had been discussed here before, but...   I'm looking for ideas of things to put in a pinata. My boys are turning 5 and 8 and we're having a science themed birthday party for them.   I love making a pinata, and the boys love having a pinata as part of their party. But, I hate filling it with candy and tons of little cheap plastic junk.   We don't have lots of money to spend on the stuff either.   Last year,  I made bean bags and bought a...
  The book about the donut machine is Homer Price by Robert McCloskey who wrote Make Way for Ducklings.  It's a great book.   Another one we loved was paddle to the sea by Holling Clancy Holling.
Any suggestions of good places to take our boys fishing in the general woodstock area? I guess our main requirement is likelihood of actually catching something. We've always vacationed there, so I'm familiar with the area, but somehow I am at a loss for for fishing locations for kids. Are there spots on the Esopus that are good for kids? How about Wilson State Park? I only remember being there once and not being thrilled, but if it has good fishing I'd go...
We love Sweet Sue's on Main Street in Phoenicia for breakfast. Phoenicia is a great little town, it's fun to walk along the main drag and the Esopus creek is right there. If you're train fans there's a little train museum in the old train station in Phoenicia and train rides along the Esopus with stops there and in Mount Pleasant. I also love http://www.craftspeople.us/ It has tons of hand crafted items by lots of different artists.
We need info about how to tell if cork floor is green. I read in an article somewhere that some cork floor is made with nasty stuff (formaldahyde maybe?) and so you have to be careful where you get it. I'm guessing the stuff and home depot and lowes is not green. How do you know? Any good sources for cork floor?
We're spending a week in july with my extended family on the Little Choptank. I'd love any advice on fun things to do with little ones, we have a 7 yo and a 4 yo, and their cousins will be with us - 5 yo and 2yo. I also like to get them some books ahead of time about the area, any recommendations on picture books or chapter books about maryland? tia.
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