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Hey mamas!!  June's open heart surgery is Thursday Sep 6th at 7:30am central time.  Please think, pray, send your positive energy to her!!  I'm so ridiculously nervous and anxious about it.
Hey guys!! I haven't been around in a while, life has been CRAZY!!  Baby June is in congestive heart failure and they are managing it with meds until they decide to do her open heart surgery.  If you are interested in following along our journey my caring bridge site is: www.caringbridge.com/visit/junemccoy   We're doing relatively okay all things considered!!  She is already rolling both ways and chatting up a storm.  SO stinking cute!!  I hope you are all well, I need...
I'm a huge french braider.  My hair is long so I'm always putting it in some sort of braid if I don't have time to blow-dry it straight.... which is always.  otherwise it just looks CRAZY down and it gets annoying in the summer when it's so hot out anyway.
Ah the 2 month appt... I should schedule that soon, our doc is so awesome that it takes so long to get in!  With so many appts it seems kinda pointless, but oh well.   June's doing well.... open heart surgery will hopefully be put of til she is 4 months old.  Of course my little sis is getting married around that time- of course my big kids are flower girl/ring bearer and I'm matron of honor.... I'm sure it'll all work out fine.  Seems silly but if she has to get it...
If you pull the top rail tight their head doesn't flop at all!  And I always have tiny babies right behind my neck... I can feel her breath so I know she's okay :-)  
Back carry... bad self portrait.... seriously my husband is alwaaaaays working!   http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=549919266981&set=a.549510595961.2026840.176000849&type=1&theater
rozzie- SO agree that it's so ridiculously hot to baby wear!!  Luckily we are mostly in the air conditioned house all day.  I kinda feel bad for my bigger kids, but they can go out and play in the yard if they want.  Since our baby has heart defects she really can't regulate her temperature too well (since she is in relative heart failure basically, but on meds to keep her well enough until she's 4ish months for heart surgery) so I worry about her getting too hot.  When...
Rozzie- thanks for asking!  She's on meds for heart failure and we are hoping/praying that she continues to gain weight and her heart strain isn't too bad (no more turning blue and blood o2 going way down!!!) so that they can hold off on the open heart surgery until 4 months old.  It's pretty stressful, but we're finding our new normal.  The 5K was actually to raise money for the Children's cardiology center at the hospital we were and will be at.  So it's going to be...
I just walked (fast!) a 5K with my babe strapped to my front via wrap.  Maybe too soon.... my pelvis hurts!!!  And I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow.  Says the yoga instructor/aviid exerciser/former personal trainer LOL!!  My body is saying.... remember you just had a baby 5 weeks ago, slow down!
awwwww.... that's so rough!!  I *somehow* ate a super messy sandwich at a restaurant while having baby in a sling with her head right below my head withOUT spilling any on her!    Just1more- have you tried cranial sacral therapy?  I was skeptical but my colicky baby is SLEEPING and I still have to mostly hold her, BUT she at least is mostly not screaming when being held.     Anyway, love this idea because I'm eating super unhealthy stuff that is easy.  
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