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I'm technically 9 days past edd... So sat night would be just lovely! ( I knew I'd have a may baby haha)
Whose babies are going to be born with the extra power of the super moon??  Can't wait to find out.  I'm pulling for a super moon baby myself....  start thinking of some "lunar" names ;-P
Happy to share :-)  
Yeah, the beauty of homebirth should not be that we have to extra stress about keeping our homes extra clean!!  I do clean my kitchen every night before going to bed, but I would do that anyway, ya know?  I like that the 'could have this baby at any moment' is helping me to sort of stay on top of things.  I know the house won't be perfect when the baby comes, but that's OKAY.  (and i say that as someone whose birth is going to be filmed for the local news, haha!!)...
I had a mama who went through Hypnobabies recently who had an awesome induction story.  Pit solo.  Make sure you ask about your bishops score.  It's basically the "induce-ability" score- the higher it is, the more likely the induction will be successful.  The lower the score, the more likely it may lead to a spiral of other things....   Anyway, here is her birth story: http://dearbabycook.blogspot.com/2012/04/elliot-james-birth-story.html   The important thing is...
BlessedOne- mama in her birthing time gets to say "honey, you need to stay here with me tonight"  Seriously, it's a time when you GET to be selfish.  Tell him you need him.     Good luck and happy peaceful birthing!
oh no sosurreal....  thinking of you!!  
first was on my back.... WORST place to be.  Seriously, if a woman has an epidural and can't move, at least get her on her side... that's at least gravity neutral instead of pushing uphill!!!   My 2nd I gave birth on my knees in the birth tub.  I think as babies head emerged midwife told me to lift one leg back "like I was running a race" is what I think she said.  That birth felt pretty awesome.  All I know is that I want to be in the water again because that was...
My baby couldn't come until after today (I was getting interviewed!) but the interview was a few hours ago and now I all of a sudden feel READY (like before I felt like I was weeks away, now... COME OUT BABY!  Haha!).
Last time I rented a pool and the midwife I rented it from said it could be filled for 2 days and then would have to be emptied and refilled.  We refilled it once around my guess date just to see how long it would take, and then we filled it up right when i had ANY signs of my birthing time (just a bit of blood) 5 days after my guess date.  Luckily we filled it up pretty quickly and I was able to give birth in there!!     This time we have a big whirlpool tub I'm...
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