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cristeen responded perfectly so I won't add to that.  But I did want to let you know that birthing at a freestanding birth center and having a homebirth is basically the exact same thing, except you have to drive to and from the birth center and during homebirth it all just gets brought to you.  I wish more people realized that they are the same thing, same supplies, same midwives....     Listen to your intuition for your birth, and I agree, stop reading yelp!
Wow- there are a few doulas here that charge over $1000 but most (including super experienced) are 600-800.  And many willing to be flexible.  I personally charge a 600-800 sliding scale based on ability to pay.  I guess everything is more expensive in NYC?
Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous how much stuff we are told we "need" when we have a baby.  As long as baby had a boob, some diapers, a few outfits and blankets to swaddle in and a sling.... they're happy!!  I really don't use much baby stuff.  We've bought absolutely nothing for this baby, and haven't gotten any gifts either.  But I already have a baby wrap and diapers and some blankets, haha.
I think everyone is just looking for something a bit different and I don't think it's "weird" for you to have this preference.  There are SO many different types of doulas out there- from the motherly, to the sisterly.... those who have many or some children, to those who have never given birth.  And all different personalities as well!!  I would just interview a couple (maybe even some that haven't given birth?) and just see how you feel instinctively about them....
sosurreal.... it is YOUR birth, I say, just say no if you don't really in your heart of hearts REALLy want her there!  If you are already thinking that her being in your birthing space is something you are not going to like, chances are that that will only be magnified during your actually birthing time.  I've had mamas I've worked with as a doula who have planned all these people they wanted there and when it came down to it, they didn't even want them there.... best...
Our house SHOULD be clean and organized when I give birth.... or it will still be full of boxes!!  Just found out that we close on March 13th and then hopefully we can get all moved in and settled before the baby comes.  I know that I am pretty much INSANE to move when I'll be 35 weeks pregnant, but there really is no other choice and it's our dream home so I'm excited for the space.  I am hoping to mostly delegate and put stuff away, but that will be HARD for my...
Do you mind if I share this doula's policy with some doula friends of mine to get their feedback on it?! I am very curious if there are any other doulas out there that do this because I have NEVER heard of this policy before. 
We don't get the birth supply list until the home visit, which I think is at like 36 weeks?  I can't remember.  But I don't have anything.  I'm not even living where I'll be living when I give birth (trying to buy a short sale right now).... so yeah.... no nesting available for me yet!!  
My first still took a LONG nap when her brother was born.  She actually didn't drop napping until she turned 3!  My son, who is now 2.5, definitely does NOT take naps anymore.  So I think every kid is different.  I think sometimes if kids have a really difficult time getting to sleep it might be time to consider dropping the nap if they are over 2.
BFW does have a very different technique to birthing than Hypnobabies (or hypnobirthing for that matter).  BFW does believe that birth in inherently very painful and teaches coping strategies (like when they have you hold the ice), whereas Hypno-programs teach pain-elimination techniques and the fear-pain-tension cycle and how to eliminate/lessen it.  At least from my understanding of the two.  There isn't one that is 'better' but it is important to pick which resonates...
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