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This is my first babe...so I have no prior experience to tell you about.   However, if you can swing the hour drive, I don't think it would be a bad idea to at least meet with the other midwives.   I've only had to contact my MW (homebirth, no office) twice, and both times she's responded to me within a few hours.  However, I also have home AND cell numbers...so if she's actually NEAR the phone...SHE picks it up and talks.   Mrs B
I don't sleep.  And it's not 'cause I'm napping during the afternoon.   Before baby, I was up late night and up early in the morning.     Now...I'm 14w1d...and I'm in bed by about 9...no LATER than 9:30!  And I usually wake up somewhere around 12-1 in the morning...and I'm awake (tossing and turning) until around 4am.  And then of course, I get up with my husband somewhere between 5 and 6am.   HELP!   Mrs B
Rightkindofme,   Thank you for your reply.  It's so wierd to try and put into words exactly what bugs me about these friends and the thought of having them around my baby.  We have another set of friends where the husband also has horrible language.  HOWEVER, he knows we do NOT use the "F"-word in our house...and even though he uses it as HIS house like water...he does NOT use it at our house.  In fact, we have mutliple friends who use really bad language "out" in...
Hello!   I apologize if this is in the wrong section.  My first little one is due this summer.  And we are thrilled!  And i know this question won't come up for awhile yet...but it's been floating around in our mind.   DH and I have some friends who that we like very much and have known for 6 years.  We originally met them in church, and at the time, our families were relatively on the same wave-length.  Not exactly the same...but near enough.   As the years...
I'm 4'10" and started at 105.  I'm 13w3d and am now at...105.   Mr sB
I want to thank you all so much!  Our family has been very supportive and kept things positive...but it's just been crazy from the outside world!   And as I said, I don't want to be insensitive to those who have experienced pain or issues...I just don't want to hear about it!   Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!     On a POSITIVE note...I think my little one and I are going to go brave the ice and snow and go get a loaded baked potato.  YUMMY!   Mrs B
Kerri,   This is my first baby...so you can take this with a grain of salt.   My MW is strongly encouraging me to follow the Bradley Method to make sure I'm getting enough of the good stuff for baby!   But I hear you on the beer.  It's kind of been freaking me out that I'm getting "bigger"...but haven't gained a single pound and I'm 13w.  BUT...when I take out the alcoholic beverage calories...you're right!  They probably have made a big difference!   MRs B
Good morning!   I'm a first-time mommy.  13w2d...and so freaking excited!  We have tried to have this little one for almost 7 years.     We used to attend a Plain church where ALL the women homebirthed.  It was just the norm.  Not that hospital-births were looked down-upon...but not the norm.  And my husband is VERY VERY on-board with a home-birthy.   Whoops...I'm getting off my rant.  Anyway...I'm very much a believer in "the power of positive thinking"....
My midwife has strongly urged me to have the Rhogam shot...but only spoke of a "post-partum" dose...nothing about during pregnancy.   She also said that what she uses is super-filtered, mercury-free and all that other good stuff.   Mrs B
I seem to be very impressionable these days!  And before this sounds wierd...you need to know that we are a mostly-GF/SF house due to dh.   Well, last night I wanted frozen pizza with pepperoni.  And not just ANY frozen pizza.  I wanted one with CHOPPED pepperonis...not slices!  WTH???   So DH schlepped out in the snow and bought me 3 Totinos Pepperoni pizzas and a box of Wheat Thins (which I'm gorging on now!).     Mrs B
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