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I use a Gilette Sensor razor and hardly EVER buy blades. An Italian friend taught me long ago that if you rub the blades on denim fabric parallel to the blades it re-sharpens them! 
Hmm, my just turned 6 year old *just* came out of pull ups at night about 2 months ago. We found the Whole Foods brand (365) to work really good. With that said we also ALWAYS potty him before we go to bed, so he's already been asleep about 3 hours. (I should add that my son is disabled and does not yet walk however he can knee walk. We have a potty in his room on the floor with a pad underneath it so he can go by himself when he needs to.)    I know you are not...
My son came home from public school kindergarten today (I send him 1/2 day to a full day program) with three bags of Christmas candy... blue Fun Dip, candy canes, crazy marshmallows with food coloring and hfcs etc.  I've told his teacher and para that we don't eat this crap nor do we want it coming home. I feel FURIOUS that I have to filter it out of his backpack yet again. For the record, he has no allergies or adverse reactions we just do not consider it to be edible...
It sound to me like your baby is on a potty strike which is typical when a new skill is underway! I'm now on my 4th EC baby and although they are all so different I firmly believe it "works!" My son (who is now 5) suffered brain injuries at birth, still does not walk and was ec'ed since the NICU. It definitely works! Try to remember that it's about communication first and foremost. If baby isn't telling you or cooperating when you offer the potty don't fret. If you only...
I give a star... Here is a star for you to wish on Here is the sun, so warm and bright Here is the moon for you to think on, for pleasant dreams and a kiss goodnight. I draw the shapes on their foreheads then I give them a star in each of their palms. As I'm leaving the room I ask them to hold their hands up and open so I can "see" the color of their stars... the thing is, I can only see their stars if the light is turned down very, very low. I do the stars on...
I highly recommend cranial sacral therapy (CST!)
It's not in your area but he's great! http://www.totallyesthetic.com/
Don't use a donut! When you do you're essentially dropping down your parts! Lay on your side with your legs closed as much as possible.
Omg, he is ridiculously cute!!! (And honestly I'm not one to fawn over other people's children!) Congratulations to you and yours! I'm glad things went well for you!
Due the 23rd!
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