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I did choose to have the Adiana done. It was nearly painless. No problems sense either. I am very glad I did. No extra cramping. No hormonal shifts. Just normal periods.
Yep, I would pay it back.  Did you not count the money at the bank? I know I would have! I don't trust bank tellers much. But, then again, my husband works for a bank, and if there is an error, they WILL find it, and will try and get their money back. Plus, that teller could get into a ton of trouble or even lose her job if the money is not found or returned. You could call the bank and explain the situation, they might even let you mail the money, so you would not have...
I don't think it is rude at all.  And if it is an invitation with a request to bring something, you are welcome to decline, thus, I don't see how it should be an imposition.  IDK, maybe it is just a regional "thing", because it is quite common where I have always lived.  And I don't find it a problem at all.
In all my UCing, I find that knowing my dilation is useless.  I can't personally check, but have, on the rare occasion, had Hubby check.  But, it has never really provided me with any assistance.  And just causes stress if you are not where you think you should be.  
My answer is simple.  When I say adult, I truly mean 18 or over.  HOWEVER, like I always tell my daughter, if you have to keep telling everyone that you are an adult, then you really are not one.  The way I see it, if you ARE an adult, you will generally act like an adult.  And if you act like a child rather than an adult, well then, are you really an adult?   That is just my take.  My "adult" daughter is now 21. And I often remind her, as well as the younger...
I would never pay someone I was unsure of.  If you don't trust her, fire her.  Then decide what you would like to do from that point on.
I don't think it should matter what it would be called.  But, specifically, "unassisted" means "unassisted", so if you were not "assisted" during the birth, then you can call it "unassisted birth".   But, honestly, I think it is funny when people want to "title" their birth.  I figure, have the birth you want, one that is safe, one that provides you with a healthy baby and momy, and all the rest does not really matter.
Congratulations!  Enjoy your new little one.
If you cash it at your bank and it comes back as insufficient funds, you will get a fee.  But it you try to cash it at her bank, and there are insufficient funds, they just won't cash it.  There isn't a branch of her bank closer?  Anyone that I have had a problem with, I cash their checks at their bank.  I am then guaranteed the money, if they have it.  No worries of it coming back to bite me.
I agree with pp.  Take the check to her bank.  Every day.  Until it has enough money to cash it.  Don't deposit it as a check into your own bank to save you the fee if it is returned.
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