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Hoping for a good update soon. 
That is acctually one of my biggest pet peeves!  I txt or email to someone, a detailed message, only to have them call me back to talk!  Ugh!  I HATE that.  Of course, I don't like using the phone and they all know it.  So it really bugs me when they do it.  If I txt someone or email, I want the same form of commuication back to me.  Unlike you, they email and txt all the time.  But nearly every time I txt or email them, they call me.  I just don't answer the phone.    
All mine, that have had it, broke out between 14 and 21 days.  Never longer.
I find that there is totally different etiquette in txting and e-mails.  E-mails are like regular letters, and I treat them as such.  So when writing in a "professional" setting, I will write professionally; when in a "formal" setting, I write "formally";  with family or when being familiar, I write very casual; and when I am writing intimately or with those I am intimate with, I may write very "short hand".    Texting, though, it completely different.  While I don't like...
Well, of my nine live born babies, the cord was wrapped around the neck nine times.  From once all the way up to three times.  Never had a problem.  So, from my experience, it is always likely to happen.
I don't know about anyone else, but around here, it is just too hot in the summer for the kids to get out and play any earlier than eight or nine.  So, yeah, I don't have a problem with my children staying up late and then sleeping in.  I mean, sitting here, right now, at 12:30 it is still 85 and hot and muggy.  YUCK!  And during "regular" hours, it is just unbearable.  But, we are night owls anyways.
I always preregister.  Made my one hospital birth a walk in the park at admission, rather than having to go through all the registration stuff.  And I did it all on line.  That is the way our hospitals work.
While it is not now, nor could it ever be, illegal to UC (I mean, to "outlaw" UC would mean to "outlaw" all unplanned unassisted births as well) it could be illegal for any who assist (like husband or friend).  Some state laws are written that way and others are not.  But, that does not usually happen to be a problem, although there have been cases.  And I have heard of several situations where UC and "medical neglect" have been a reason to remove a baby.  And even...
OK.  Maybe this is where I missed it.  I thought the failure rate was like 4.6% the first six months (and even higher in the first 3 months), and then the 1.1% AFTER 12 months.  That is why I have been looking for 12 month options on BC.
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