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Sorry if I come across as insensitive!  I didn't mean it that way.  I was just curious about your dates and the length of time you had the procedure until you actuall got pg.  (If you don't mind sharing.)  Sorry you are going though this.  It is one of the reasons I am looking for all the info I can get.  Since I can't afford an "oops".
Doesn't it take like 12 months for it to be completely blocked?  That is what I was thinking.  Maybe I am totally off.
While I have gotten a lot from MDC, I for one, do hide who I really am. I learned very quickly that I would not be accepted if I let people see the real me. So, I pick and choose what I show.  I only show what is "acceptable" here.  And anything that is "unacceptable", no one ever sees.  But, it is hard.  Knowing that the people here who are your "friends" would never really be your friends if they knew you.   I know, some will say that is not true or how do you know...
No, due to medical reasons, I must not get pg again, at least until I can get my bp under control, as well as other physical symptoms. I am perfectly healthy when I am not pg, but once I become pg, my bp skyrockets and bounces up and down the entire nine months but maintaining mostly a very high rate (like 295/180).  I am looking at permenant solutions but that will require prevention for at least 12 months in the interrum.  I am now 40, have my eight beautiful children...
I don't like the idea of hormones, but I have to be really, really sure for a "shortish" period of time.  And "timing" is just not good enough, and condoms are not something we can ensure will be done.  But, it is only for 12 months.  Not so very long, in the grand scheme of things.
I am looking at some "short-longterm" BC options.  Must avoid for about a year.  So, I have been looking into everything there but never used it before.   Please, if you have used "long term" BC, could you tell me your experiences?  I am mostly looking at the patch, shot, and implant, because I know I will never remember to take something daily.   Thanks so much!
Seems to me that if you do not own the house/apartment, the owner can spray if they want to, especially if it is not written in the lease/contract that you have any say in that area or that you can opt out.  As an owner, they have the "best interest" of their property in mind, tennants come second.  At least in my experience.
And, sometimes, it is necessary to totally ignore the baby.  I have some that if they get that way, I HAVE to totally ignore them; put them down in a safe place and "pretend" they were not there (at least to them).  If I even hint that I am looking at them or paying attention to them they crank up the volumn by 110%.  So, I could have been that mom, shopping as my baby was screaming, trying to get a few things done in the "quieter" moments while trying to calm down my...
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