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For me,   I would like to get rid the reviews on the right, I don't like ads and those (even though they are not called ads) annoy me. I would like more posts per page, I like 50 or 100, sometimes 200, but would settle for 50. I would like a working back button.
Actually, it depends on where you live.  There are several places, states maybe, that have made laws about dogs in cars.  Not sure what those laws are, but I know around here there is one and you can be cited and your dog removed.
I know how you feel.  Gets so I almost never come here lately.
I would fight it.  And make sure to save  your "proof" reciept as well as any info about the day, the weather, etc.  And I would also provide as much info about your dog's condition as reasons why you caringly brought your dog with you.
We love NetFlix.  There are about 500 in our que right now.  And there are always new ones coming out.  They are releasing more and more streaming every day, and hopefully will have most available soon.  We don't pay for TV any more, I just get them from NetFlix once they come out on DVD.   If you are only wanting streaming and only new releases, then NetFlix is not for you.  But, I find they have tons of good ones.
Yeah, we stay home for fevers and miserableness, unless we have to go out, then we are careful to wash hands and keep away from people as much as possible.   With many children, it is likely someone will be sick at any given time.  I could never get anything done if I thought that the slightest "contagious" thing was a reason to stay home.
Well, although my gift of candles, cake mix, and green olives was weird (and it was from my SIL who does not know my tastes, so it really is weird), we will eat it all (and my son asked for the tiny little candle things) so it will not go to waste.  Just a very odd gift, I must say.   But, I think the oddest "gift" we got was from MY mom.  At our family Christmas Eve Party, MY mom gave a gift card to my Brother #1 & SIL, to my Brother #2 & SIL, and to my Brother #3 &...
Welcome to MDC!
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