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MsBe, you are funny!  You truly got in the last few hours.  Amazing timing.    I have a feeling you will have a powerful year.    Love these stories.  Tracy
beautiful, updates.
shoot. I was replying to someone's question but I forgot to hit quote. I gotta go back and find the quote.   In the meantime these are terrific maps.  You guys are rocking. I finished my map by the 3rd..but I do have to add my photo.  Which I sent off to to be printed.   Soon it will be up. I'm excited for all of us.
yes, put it up this map.  
btw--how is it pronounced? anyone?   t
I think you might want to get real specific for baby stuff.  Photo of a baby.  perhaps go to a store and buy a "Congratulations on the birth" card then glue to board. write your name and your husband's name...make it like it is really being sent to you--then sign it Love The Universe or God...etc.    kwim?   t
Don't forget to use pininterest for photos. I just heard about it. 
I have been out all day and only bought my magazines about an hour ago.   I lit a nice fat red candle votive to remind me of the Aries New Moon. One of those candles that will burn for seven days.  Just to remind me when things get harried and I get lost in my mommy world....That all my goals are out there percolating.    Hoping all of you dream big and get your maps made.    love Tracy 
Hello,  We are here!!   Hooray.  We finally got to Treasure Map 2014.   
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