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I read this whole thread.  Not sure what compelled me but I did read it.   Going back to the OP.    What can I say?  I went to your link and I agree the 'live and let live' attitude in the face of the practices of Gothard's Teaching is sad.  It sounds like a cult to me and people shrugging their shoulders, 'oh well' is frustrating to say the least. I remember many, many years ago there was a little girl in NYC that died (Lisa Steinberg).  Her father was abusing the mom...
yes, of course go ahead and move the TM.  I have moved mine at times.   good luck on ivf!  
this thread interests me. I'm not there yet.  My life is still very unyoga...but i'm shifting more of my time towards it.....watching this thread.  
Maisaura, there is a strong intuitive piece to this lunar cycle.  See if in the next 28 days your gut tells you somethng important about how to kickstart selling the house.   I'm wondering if your son is in the mx?  Do you have a plan for what will be his school when you move?   Have you got that piece figured out?   I ask, not to pry, but I'm wondering if there is a stall on the selling the house because your "Mommy" side is not supported yet by the 'what next...
Hi,Everyone.     Today is Capricorn New Moon so we are now beginning the final 1/4 of Treasure Map.   We are now starting the final 3 months before the next treasure map.   If your map has been stuck do not be surprised if now, in this final quarter you start getting results.  One year a lot of my stuff came through in the last quarter.  Specifically the last 6 weeks!   Anyway, take the next 28 days to make some moves towards your goals. If you have not...
If you have got a few dollars in your pay pal, please donate for the shipping fairy.   Your few dollars will really help.   You donation will help a HH with a box of much needed items get to a FIN who needs those items.     $5 or $10 dollars in a pay pal can help ship a box of warm clothes, jackets, or gently used toys to one of our families in need.  And it really is "OUR,  they are a part of our warm, loving mothering community.   you can help us help us...
Hurray!   I'm so glad to hear.  Sending $20 for your shipping fairy now.  
Standing by. If you can't donate $20.  Can you donate $10? I will donate $10 if you will donate $10.   Who will step up with me?   Please do it.  Your ten and my ten will be matched by Hylands.  That means $40 will go to a FIN.  $40 can do a lot of good .   Who will hit reply YES!?!?!  
Are there three of us who can donate $20 each.  We'll take it to $1000!   I will donate 20 if two more of you will donate $20.    Any takers?    come on!    
This stuff really helps!   Please people do like JulesNJake...go check your paypal and send it to  Hylands.  Then get two IRL to check their paypal.   $10 bucks in there is $20 bucks for a Fin Family!      
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