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Just a quick check in.   We are in the Capricorn lunar phase which means we are in the last quarter of our Treasure Map.   If you have not looked at your Treasure Map lately, take a look.  Are things starting to manifest? If not do not lose hope.  One year I had a bunch of stuff manifest the last 30 days of the Treasure Map year.  Totally cuckoo.  But there they were, things from my map in my life.    I will put up a Prepping for the 2014 Treasure Map.   Need to...
I don't think I had a chance to get here during the Libra Cycle..but we are halfway through the Treasure Map  year.     I see manifestations in my map.  I hope the rest of you are also having some action.
Cancer New Moon is on the 8th.   This is when we take a look at our Treasure Maps and see how we are doing since the seeds we planted back on Aries New Moon. Are green leaves sprouting?   T
Orange is lower chakra...power color.  synchs up with Aries.  So does red but I  usually go for orange first.   I think I would let him stay in his procrastination for a couple months.   But you can put Cancer New moon on his calendar. That is when if we want we can make some adjustments to our map.  Remember usually by Cancer cycle we are starting to see some results.  I would handle it like it was an experiment and see if he gets some action off his intention list...
The Aries new moon sets the tone for the  year.   To a lesser extent the Aries lunar cycle (meaning the full 28 days) speaks to the year. Whatever seed you planted on this new moon/treasure map clearly is charged up.  Look at the results you have wanted for such a long time. I think that the next 12 months will move quickly and with a lot of new breakthroughs and horizons for you.    hmm...I think I would skip the images for your guy.   I think I would keep it to...
    thank you for asking GumB, We are waiting a response.   if we get it---great.  If not we'll be fine.  Our offer was the amount that would make us feel good if we lost it.    I had lots of images pulled but ended up with only a few on my map.  I had more sentences and life style more than things.  In fact one thing I cut out basically said if I don't love it or it does not have value it is not worth the real estate in my life.  
    Love this update.  Seriously, I am happy you got an offer, it was a long time you have waited. But so glad it happened on Aries lunar cycle.   hugs
my god, I just realized I have over 12, 000 postings on MDC.   crazy. 
I finished mine today just before Full Moon. I took the ENTIRE waxing moon to get my images.  Snipping here and there for 14 days.   I knew it was going to be a long haul for me not just because I had a crazy schedule but more because tides were churning in me that needed all 14 days to process.   Also, we put an offer on a house.  We have been casually looking for five years.    read that twice.  casually looking for five  years. On Friday I saw a listing and...
Love the name Owlhowl.
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