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    april 18th. 
  I have not finished my map.  My goal is to get it done by first quarter moon.
  Put a photo of the ideal car you want.   Don't get wrapped up in 'what you can afford etc"  put the photo of what you want.   The year is new!
There is no rule on old maps. It is your call.   The first couple of years I put them away in the closet.  Peeking at them now and then.  Then one year I decided to get rid of them but before i did I cut out a couple of images that still spoke to me. I took those images and put them in a ziplock bag.  Why? I don't know.  I just felt compelled to do it.   Some people burn their old maps some people just throw them out others hang on...it is your call.   
It is here, it is Treasure Map Time.   I think we have been doing them now here on MDC for 11 years.   Can you believe it?  And always one of the most popular threads I might add.     Here are the basics for those who are  here for the first time.    WHAT IS A TREASURE MAP?  A treasure map is a collage made of photos, magazines pictures, words, pieces of things that make sense to you...whatever you want and you put them on a foam core board or just...
Okay guys.   When I wake up I will put up the official 2013 Treasure Map thread.  Remember I am West Coast.....so give me a little time. In the mean time I wish you all a fabulous year and I know for a fact you will all have big breakthroughs.   I anticipate it to be a wonderful year.   hugs T
  I think it makes sense on balsamic and new phase. For different reasons.  One to say goodbye and the other to call in.   just my 2 cents.
    Yeah, you are feeling Mars.   He is all over this year's moon.   Big time.
    Yes.  I think decluttering on new moon sets a tone for the year that I think is not so bad.    I may have some stuff to take to goodwill....myself.
New Posts  All Forums: