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  hmmm?  I think I would start with a clean mirror and put your focus on the map.  If you feel you need the reminders on the mirrors later in the month then go for it.  But I would be inclined to just start the energy with the map. 
no joint maps. but you can do them at the same time.  It is powerful and fun!
don't be frustrated.  Do the best you can and even if you are getting rid of stuff on new moon that is okay.  it might be a harbinger of the year which could be very positive.  
I love that you used EO with your cleaning. very inspiring.
you rock, IMM.   You don't need my help!  My guess is you will get the redocorating inspiration with the new moon.  And remember you don't have to have your house finished on new moon.  You may just get the goals set for it, or perhaps tackle one room. Congratulations on all the good movement.  
i think you will get a burst of energy with the new moon. 
yes this should answer anyone's question about ba qua's super clearly. 
i kind of hope he does not take you up on the offer and he ends up staying with his family.    but if he does end up staying with you put the energy more on your response.  how you respond could say more about your year than whether he is there or not. and for the record I have to do a big ol volunteer project at my son's school...I do NOT want a year of volunteering.  I will be watching my reactions carefully during the process, believe me. 
okay..ten days before we make our new maps. Don't forget to look at your 2012 map, acknowlege what has come to fruition.  And as I always say don't be surprised if you still get results in the next 10 days from 2012 map.  
Ideally, it is great to make the map the first 3 days of the new moon April 10-13.  However, if  you can't do it in those first three days, do no fret, try to get it done during the first 10 days.  And in truth if you can't get it done in the first 10..you can do it up until the start of the full moon which is 14 days later.  
New Posts  All Forums: