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    I was noticing today that this thread has 1600 hits and is only two months old.   We are a pupular group on MDC primarily I think because people do come sniffing around for the thread around Spring. Right, Duckmom?
  Yes, it is a bit of a rough week.   
this is beautiful.
Every year I tell Mysticmomma she rocks and how much I love her avatar.   smooch. T
  Hi Owlhowl,  I love your name by the way.  Welcome to TrasureMapping.  I think you will enjoy the process.  Just a reminder for the next month, (today's date is march 15) until April 10th we are still processing last year's map.   We do not make our 2013 Map until April 10.    I will put up a new thread on April 10th.  I usually do it a little later into the day.    What you should know is that everything you are feeling right now could change.  You may think as you...
  Happy to have you back, Jazzybaby9!  I am sure your map will be on fire!
mommamanjari, I gotta say I have friends that follow voc moons religiously.  I'm not that person, honestly, it would be too much for me to do with my schedule and mommy hood and all the whatnot. But having said that there are times when I do things and I think I am still perhaps influenced by the VOC.  Meaning I will start something and get stalled by one distraction after another and then later I realize it was a VOC moon.   In terms of when to start the...
Great I think you will enjoy it
If you are talking about treasure maps----here is a link that should  help you  understand TMs.   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1348567/the-official-2012-treasure-map-thread#post_16920900   If you are talking about astrology, there are a lot of good astrology blogs... I write a new moon article every month by the way. 
Mars, the warrior planet will be on top of the sun and the moon.    Mars is aggressive.   He takes no hostages.  He is all action.   He will be telling the Sun and the Moon--- Do it!  Just do it.    no plug to nike by the way---that is just how Mars works.      Of course, war is defined by the owner of the treasure map.  For some people they will be much more aggressive about their health.    Perhaps war against fat.   Some people will be more aggressive about their money...
New Posts  All Forums: