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Yes, of course!  
Hi guys..I put up a link for Prepping for 2013 Treasure Map.   Remember, this does not mean our 2012 Treasure Maps are fini.  They are NOT.  There are still 3 months of action to come out of our 2012 maps. Dust them off. Take a look at them.  RE-read them.  Be confident.    And at the same time start clearing out the junk in your life.  Clean the closets, get rid of stuff.   Take boxes to Goodwill.' And what is going on with your outdated beliefs?  Get rid of...
by the way this will be our 10th or 11th year making Treasure Maps. i can't believe it. I also can't believe I have 12,000 posts here!     hugs T
Hello, Everybody.   I am so sorry I didn't get here two weeks ago and start the officially Prepping for 2013 Treasure Map. Normally I put up this Prepping thread on Capricorn New Moon which was on January 11.... I was up to my eyeballs with stuff and kept telling  myself ,"Get to MDC" sigh, I'm tardy but I'm here before Full Moon so that is good!.   Okay so just to remind everyone, the next Treasure Map Moon will be on Wednesday April 10 at 5:35am  Eastern...
great job, mysticmomma.   and as always, i am reminded by your photo---that your's is the best kitty photo ever.   hugs
whatever day she wants to look it, bake cookies in the morning so the house smells warm and cozy.
great story, vydalea.   I think you broke a bond.   Doesn't mean you need to regroup with your friend but there was a tie there that was clogging up space.   I imagine a new wonderful simpatico friend will step in.     i had something similiar happen on New Moon three weeks ago.  Not with a friend but with an old employer.    weird energy came up.....   interesting.   t
Sesa70, you said that if you had your choice you would pull your daughter out and take her to the montessori near your home but it is too expensive. Why don't you make a deal with them?    They probably could use help.  Maybe they'll give you a big discount if you work a few hours a week in the school.  
Good advice! t
Hello! I am sorry I have not done a drive by lately.   My husband was working crazy hours most of august and getting our back-to-school brain on was a hurdle.   I am so sorry.  I often have thought "why was it on Mothering that I launched Treasure Maps?"  I mean it would have been so much easier to have played around on a spiritual community board and put it up there.  But to do it on Mothering where the stakes are so high really put TMs in the line of fire.   However...
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