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this is not the time for starting a treasure map. But why don't you write up a list of affirmations?   Affirmations can be drafted on every new moon.  With Cancer the affirmations can be focused on emotions, feelings, family, mothering...childhood, memories.  Food.....
You can tweak it between now and the full moon on Wednesday. 
many years ago I participated in a lot of feng shui threads.    I've been working with feng shui for about 16 years.   I really would recommend a trip to the bookstore (when the kids are not with you)  and go to the section with Feng Shui books.  Take a look at them--you will find some that are easier explained with lots of good hints and tips.  Some books are too complicated to follow (at least in the beginning).   I'm sure you know there is compass and form...
Okay, Cancer New Moon is Thursday, July 19 at 12:24am...edt...which of course is late in the evening on the 18th in the other US time zones.   You may make adjustments to your map if you feel a desire.     Feelings are key to Cancer.   Happy new Moon.   Tracy
Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and say that we had a second gemini moon this lunar cycle.   our first Gemini moon was at the end of May at Zero degrees of Gemini  and then on Tuesday of this week 6/19 we had our 2nd Gemini moon at 29 degrees.   I am pointing that out because many people are used to the Cancer Lunar cycle popping up at the end of June instead this year Cancer New Moon will be on July 19 at 27 degrees of Cancer. So, remember if you want to make...
I'm sorry about the news, Gumblossom.  And yes, we are still early in our maps.  Lots of time for lots of things to manifest!     hugs
gumblossom, what wonderful news!   love that your garden is also going well.   t
Congrats on the car.     A good time to adjust the map is on the Cancer New Moon which will be in the later part of July.
yes, ms shell is correct, cajunmomma!   get it done now.      
how would your life improve? not just the money component.  
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