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Pasta in broth is a good idea. He hates egg, dairy except ice cream, rice, potatoes, smoothies. Sigh. He's challenging. It wears me down.
He is a carb aholic. Refuses all soups and all meat. He is SERIOUSLY picky.
How do you get your children to follow the tooth decay protocol? My son (7) has dark spots on his molars. He accepts xylitol mint candy but won't take CLO or butter oil. He gags and cries at the taste. Also he refuses all vitamins, I've tried many different chewable flavors. His diet is very limited & he eats mostly bread and pasta. Anyone been through this? He can taste hidden supps and I don't know how to get these minerals into him.
sorry, double post
Ceramic fillings are $2000 each, aren't they? That isn't even remotely possible.
Hi there, I have a mouth full of amalgam. Is there a way of preventing or at least mitigating the amount of metal that will be passed along to my unborn baby? I just read in another thread that third trimester mercury exposure is an even bigger problem than breastfeeding with amalgams. Anything I can do at this point?
I've never tried processed meats, never occurred to me! My ds is all about bread and noodles, bread and noodles.
My ds has texture issues & some other sid signs. He gags when he tries to eat eggs, meat, or fish. Chewy food is no good & soft food is no good (gags on yogurt or soup). All he eats is noodles. Help!
That's what I meant by the leukemia study being significant. It's a well conducted, peer reviewed study that does in fact show that vaccinated kids are more protected from shingles than kids who got the disease naturally.
Again, that's why the leukemia study is helpful. Among a group of children who *are* susceptible to developing shingles, the vaxxed children were very significantly less likely to get shingles than the children who had natural immunity. (They still got shingles, cause being that immunosuppressed makes you highly susceptible, but in much fewer numbers than the natural children. It was a very statistically significant difference.) I am not a fan of the vax. But now that...
New Posts  All Forums: