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Most of my clients see Drs Taylor or Montgomery with Northside Pediatrics.
What she said!
I use Precious Arrows also. Clients order the kit at ~35 weeks. She gives free, fast shipping on birth kits. My kit is $45-$77 depending on whether clients order basic kit or water birth kit.
I don't know the current climate there- bit I have heard some things such as no VBAC etc so it sounds like they have a tough row to hoe.
As a midwife, I had a client who kind of wanted a UC so we agreed that I would hang out in the other room and listen to FHT periodically.  In the end, I was handed a video camera and took video while she caught her own baby.  I was more than okay with that, but I would not be okay with being deliberately left out of the loop.   If your midwife has made it clear she doesn't attend UC, it is not fair to intentionally plan one using her as your backup IMO.  Midwives are...
PM me if you'd like.
Contact Indiana Midwives Assoc for referrals. There are midwives near you.
Bloomington is a fun, crunchy town, BABS is great, there are homebirth midwives and the awesome store The Green Nursery. Winter Market, farmer's markets, some natural food stores and more.
I can't imagine it is, nor should anyone want to IMO. Your own. Irtbs did not provide midwifery training.
Reesa- I recommend Andrea Dixon, CNM. http://www.iuhealth.net/portal/IUH/findadoctor?paf_gear_id=6900001&paf_dm=full&paf_gm=content&task_name=displayBio&contactId=50766 Martinsville is the closest hospital to you that allows waterbirth as far as I know. Good luck!
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