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Thank you!
I'm looking for homebirth midwife recommendations for the Tehachapi/Bakersfield area. Any help appreciated!
My sister S. lives in Sequim, and has a four-month old baby boy named Theo. It is a small community, so maybe you already know her. ;) I can message you her blog and/or email if you like. 
My midwife often comes to our house for prenatal appointments, and my DH is usually at work, understandably. If it weren't for work, he'd love to be there. :) 
1. Preferred name 2. EDD (estimated due date) 3. How long TTC (trying to conceive) 4. Part of the country you live in  5. How many kids you have  6. Profession 7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why   Hi everyone. I wasn't planning on joining any due date clubs yet since I am only 3.5 weeks along and I have a history of first-trimester miscarriages, but since I already posted a question on here, I might as well introduce myself. :)...
Thanks. :) My UTI sign is pain in my kidneys, so I am pretty sure it's not that. Mostly I was just looking for anecdotal evidence that increased urination can begin as early as 7-10 dpo.    I found this on a medical website, so it does help confirm for me that I ovulated when I thought I did:   "Urinating more often is one of the very early signs of pregnancy. Many women experience more frequent urination even before a missed period, usually from about 7-12 days...
The west side of town is also nice, and not very far from downtown. We live between Minnesota and Wisconsin (streets) and it only takes my husband 10-20 minutes to get downtown to his job, depending on traffic lights.    Housing is very expensive here. We are still renting. 
I am only 10 dpo (I think) and already peeing like crazy. Is this an early sign for anyone else here?    I tested positive yesterday, I am just trying to figure out how far along I might be since this was a very long cycle. 
Hello! This inquiry is for my sister, who lives in Sequim. She is due with her first child, and they just found out he is now breech, after being head down for many weeks. She is devastated about the thought of now needing a Cesarean. She had been planning a home birth. Are there any midwives in the area who are willing to attend a breech birth?    Thanks for any help.
On Sunday (3/21) I gave birth to my first daughter, third child. She began breastfeeding within an hour and everything was going great--or so I thought. But as of today (3/25) she is still losing weight rather than gaining (a total of a 14 oz. loss since birth) and I don't feel like my milk has come in fully. With both of my boys I was engorged by this point and they had started gaining weight. When I express with my hand white milk does come out, so I know I have more...
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