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Hi all, I am a student nurse-midwife at a three-year program. The first year consisted of nursing studies and the last two are dedicated to midwifery.  My favorite part about school are the clinicals obviously.  I love working with women and I've had a chance to learn from a variety of preceptors.   I plan on working for a community health center as soon as I graduate because I'd like to work with underserved populations.  At some point I'd love to also do birth...
I am also a nurse-midwifery student.  Do people want to introduce themselves?
Thanks phathui5.  I am strongly considering creating my own "workbook."  Thank you for reminding me that it's a viable option!
I'm interested in perhaps changing the workbook I use for my Lamaze chidlbirth classes.  I currently use Prepared Childbirth, The Family Way but their shipping is so expensive!  I'm wondering what workbooks or books you have your clients use?  Those of you who work with homebirth clients, what do you use?  Those who work with hospital birth clients, what do you use? Any help with this would be much appreciated! 
Yes, half the rate sounds appropriate. Good luck!
Congratulations! Don't worry about the DNP issue...Look at ACNM's position statement - they do not support the DNP as the entry-level degree for practice.
I see that you're in CT. Yale has a direct-entry CNM program. It requires that you have a Bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field. It has no pre-requisites. When you are accepted you are accepted into a three year CNM program. The first year is a nursing program. You don't get a BSN but after the first year you are eligible to take the NCLEX. The last two years are specialty years where you take nurse-midwifery classes. Another option is to become a CM. ...
So glad to hear everything turned out well! Congrats on the new babe!
BSN will not matter once you have your MSN and CNM credentials. I am in a direct entry CNM program and won't have a BSN and none of our grads have problems being competitive in the job market. Before you let go of your enrollment in the ADN-BSN program, just make sure that doing the Frontier program would actually take less time. But otherwise, I say go for the ADN-MSN program!
Yeah...I really don't see this requirement happening any time soon for CNMs. It's possible I guess but ACNM does not support this. See their position statement on DNP as the entry-level degree to practice here: http://www.midwife.org/siteFiles/pos...d_DNP_7_09.pdf. Their current requirement is that for practice from 2010 onwards, a master's degree is required. See the ACNM position statement on that: http://www.midwife.org/siteFiles/pos...ments_3.06.pdf I don't think...
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