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hopefully everything turns out to be fine for you- i would probably opt for having another u/s done just to see if one or two of the other options can be ruled out, maybe come away with a more thorough report.   the thought of even possibly carrying twins scares the life out of me, so i understand how overwhelming it may be, but i truly believe that we are never given anything that we cant handle. the positive mamma in me says "double the blessing!!!"
i am pretty sure the antibiotic did cause the secondary infection- the timing of how the secondary came about- and i had been fine before taking the antibiotic... i wasnt sure what was the ideal thing to do in the situation- but the NP i saw pretty much said i had to suffer through the secondary infection because there was nothng to do to treat it...sooo i went to what i believed was the root of the problem and eliminated that- the antibiotic. no way was i going to...
going on how my first 3 pregnancies went, it does get better with the second trimester!   coughing makes me gag- gagging causes me to pee myself...while running to the bathroom to throw up- it's a vicious cycle i want to end. over-salivating has contributed to nausea which makes me feels sea sick ALL THE TIME! in about two more weeks i will hit the 2nd trimester mark and i'm praying that it all gets better from there!
i was prescribed 100mg macrobid. the morning after i started taking them, i had a secondary infection. i have stopped taking the antibiotic and began taking cranberry supplements and drinking loads of water. i was told a secondary infection couldnt be treated before 12 weeks.. not sure if this is the best thing to do- but i feel fine and no longer have symptoms of either infection.
congrats! so exited for you!!
with my first i threw up only once, right at the beginning, it was definitely during the first month. it was awful. i popped blood vessels in my face and eyes. with my second, it was horrible...i had morning noon and night sickness.i am pretty sure that i was over salivating because of the nausea. i threw up throughout my entire pregnancy. it started right at the beginning. i was afraid to brush my teeth because i knew what was coming....once i even tore the lining of...
it's time to reintroduce myself here at mdc. my name is jessica. i became a member years ago when i was expecting my second child, who is now 8 years old. i am now 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my third child! i am so excited to be going on this journey once again and watching my body change so quickly this time around! my edd is july 13, 2011   i cant wait to get to know you all! and hopefully i will "bump" into some old friends while i am here again!
That job is yours! I should check my local WIC office...
I'm jealous that they even ask if you are going to vax. Most ped's just assume you are and come in with it all in hand. And if you aren't or are delaying, they begin twitching. I'm glad your visit went great!
When dh is away for work, I let the kids get away with lots of things that they otherwise couldn't- like eat in the living room and let dd do her homework after dinner instead of right after school. Little stuff but they know what's cool with dad and what's not. I do a lot of things to when he's gone- like wait til the day before he comes home to get the house looking pretty and puttin glaundry away. I feel so naughty!
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