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Did your friend ever find an opening?
What about just giving him a diaper until his bladder size adjusts?
How do you all have two hands to key? I've not even posted we've had her as Im nursing one or another or chasing the two yeay old or trying to clean up her latest mess or deal with her newfound tantrums and screaming.
Congrats Jenny! Thanks Lovbeingamommy for the heads up! I guess I need to be updated....my how time flies when your doing...well I dont know what. We had #5 on 5/18 finally. She was 8p 15 oz and 22 inches long. Tandem nursing has NOT been my friend. I was totally unprepared to be overwhelmed so Im nursing both of them just seperately and that seems to work for now. My almosts are now 14.5 and 12.5 (can't believe I will soon be mom to two teens) and 9 and 2.5. I...
I wanna know if its driving you nuts? I assumed tandem would be no big deal but to nurse both at the same time is overwhelming to me. Nursing them seperately is okay. Our may baby is 9 days old and ddd is 2.5.
41 week 3 days today and still waiting.
We are still nursing here.
We have just done the round of ear infections and then the puking flu for the 2yo. Thank god the older kids didn't get that. Weeks like these make me wonder how Im going to cope with a toddler and a newborn and how you moms of many more than me do it! So now Im 30 weeks pregnant and feel older and more tired than I remember from the last pregnancies. Jennifer
lovbeingamommy- Its another healthy girl: Thanks for asking Now that that is over (and the holidays and birthdays) I guess its time to concentrate on the new arrival. My dh was very worried about AMA and birth defects and is now breathing easier. PassionateWriter- Can you elaborate more on the tandem nursing. I am still nursing our 2yo and she doesn't show any signs of weaning so I expect I will be doing this soon. I can't figure out how Im going to nurse both...
Sorry havent kept up but we had our ultrasound today and we are having another girl!
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