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Oh mama...  I am so very sorry.  (((hugs)))) (I wish I could give you a real one instead of these silly internet ones)
He sounds like a typical 3 year old. :)
I"m going to make my list here to try and keep myself on track. :)   So far I've made a stuffed giraffe, burp cloths and a baby star toy for my newborn niece.  I still need to sew her blanket, but the fabric is bought.   Also to do:   Make fishing set for 3 year old sew christmas PJs for the kids paint "Minecraft" blocks for my oldest sew play food for 2 year old niece make totes for friend gifts make foam/fabric swords for my boys Make stuffed...
mujaddara is just rice, lentils and fried onions - super cheap.  We eat that a lot here.     Also, pupusas are another really cheap food to make (just Masa Harena corn flour and cheese - I do add refried beans to ours though)
I'm really wanting to make some foam swords for my boys - Maybe like these:  http://sarahssilks.com/product/soft-swords   Anyone have any ideas on how I could do them?  Would I glue the fabric over the foam?  
Here's my thought - If you are wishing already that you will have another baby, you will likely regret not having another when all is said and done.  Will you look back 20 years from now and ever say "Boy, I sure regret having that third baby"?    Probably not.
My husband tells stories of ketchup packet soup (just add it to hot water and mix).     One of my favorite frugal foods growing up was fried noodles -  Leftover spaghetti noodles pan fried with butter and topped with parmesan.  Mmmm.
It could be autism.  Poor coordination, verbal delays and sensory issues can indicate that.
You might enjoy "The Iron Giant" and "Ponyo" - both are favorites here for kids and adults.
here's one:  http://thesurvivalpodcast.com/forum/index.php#c1
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