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i had a leep in may 05 after ttc for about a year. the suggested waiting 3 months before trying again, and we conceived at the end of august 05. so maybe removing the pre-cancerous stuff helped in that regard. however, i now have a friable cervix (bleeds easily, lots of blood vessels close to the surface), and it caused me lots of problems during my pregnancy. basically i had "unexplained" bleeding and they shrugged off my idea that it could be coming from my cervix,...
i had two rounds, one probably at 23 weeks, and another probably at 25 weeks, and i definately DID notice breast engorgement... though i was also on betamethasone, so that might have had something to do with it. i have always assumed it was the steroids, though. fwiw, i had a great milk supply while ds (26 weeker) was in the nicu and a little baby. not so great anymore now that he's a big guy, but that's okay. hope your friend's baby stays put!
ilms, i'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time with your little one. my ds was the same way, except without the sucking needs. all i know to say is to keep trying! eventually she will be okay with being put down. of course, ds only got easy to put down a month or so ago, so it was a long time coming. but i know where you're coming from, i know how frustrating it can be, and i hope you can start getting some relief soon. this too shall pass.
i am so, so sorry that you're having to go through this, mama. . "not fun" doesn't even begin to describe it, i know. i hope your little bub hangs in there for a few more weeks. i hope in the meantime, you can find some peace and get some rest, though i know it's hard to come by at a time like this. i'll be thinking of you.
Quote: Originally Posted by OGirlieMama it's OK to be traumatized - how could you not be? : mama, i feel your pain. i have some similar feelings about my ds's nicu experience, and like you, most people irl would say i also went above and beyond. but that doesn't change the fact that *i* feel like i could have/should have done more. but i also have to agree with OGirlieMama in that it is wrong to have your baby taken away at birth, and...
she is sooooo cute!!! i love her big bright eyes. and that last picture is just adorable! it made me giggle.
you are all so amazing. thank you for sharing.
i had a neighbor like you when i was a kid, her house was always full of love, and she meant the whole world to me. i spent every minute there that i could. the only difference is that i didn't have an abusive family, just an absent one. i can only imagine how safe your neighbor boy feels just knowing that you're there. thank you.
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by susienjay Something about seeing them now really got to me because when I had those ultrasounds done I really thought my dd was not going to make it. All those weeks of thinking I was going to lose her. I could write these exact words. i could too, almost. except for me pictures of my brand-new ds remind me that for a long time i thought he might not make it. and that's also exactly why i don't want my...
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