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http://www.orgsites.com/tn/twincitiesapi/index.html These are the play groups. Also consider stopping by Parenting Oasis for an indoor, hang out with momma play group on any Tuesday. www.parentingoasis.weebly.com for the information
Ok- ODD is not a particularly useful diagnosis, it is just a style of reaction that can make parenting difficult. You should start with a full assessment at someplace like Fraiser. Has he been assessed by the school system yet? There are two paths ahead of you- use the school system, have him assessed and begin with early childhood education services or use your insurance and go through the mental health services. Whichever one you pick, the other is available later...
How old is your child? Personality disorders cannot, should never be given before late teens, early adulthood because personality isn't fully formed until then. And personality disorders are not very treatable. I am a psychologist in Burnsville, not seeing many kids anymore, mostly marriage work but I would check with Washburn Child Guidance or Fraiser or Family and Childrens in Minneapolis. Good luck.
International Cesarean Awareness Network is sponsoring its second annual expo. The Expo website address is: http://www.twincitiesbirthandbaby.com Save the date- September 18th 2010 Midtown Global Market. If you reserve early, you get last years prices. This event will sell out. It was fantastic last year.
The cool thing is you can join and just lurk for awhile and get to know everyone. It takes lots of people awhile to come to anything but then once you reach out, it gets so much easier. I have met so many amazing women first here on MDC and then in real life.
Quote: Originally Posted by fljen I've taken a look at Parenting Oasis, does you guys accept slightly soggy people as well Haha! Definately more soggy than crunchy myself. You need to join the API yahoo group. We have the worlds most amazing parenting community and no judgements. Just support. Let me know if you need anything. Maureen
This winter has been terrible for air quality but from what I can tell it has been only in the city. I live in Apple Valley and the wind keeps things very clean. The refinary is east of here and never been a problem. I mean you can smell it when you drive by but no where else. Let me know if you have other questions. I love our area, love our schools.
If you want to meet a lot of great women throughout the area I suggest joining the Attachment Parenting group. There are three playgroups a week. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TwinCitiesAPI/ You should also stop into Parenting Oasis in S Mpls and have a cup of coffee. A ton of great parents hang out there and let the kids play. parentingoasis.com Good luck! Maureen
I naturally induced myself with my 3rd- after 2 42 week c-sections. I knew I grew huge, late babies. So at 37 weeks my midwife and I started getting him moving using chiropractic, accupuncture, herbs, nipple stim, sex, exercise, you name it. He was born before 38 weeks, a beautiful easy hospital birth at a puny 9 lb 8oz. I was all for letting labor take its own sweet time but for me, moving things a long really helped. Maureen
I was thinking the same... any friend of Holly's shouldn't have any trouble here.
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