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The Attachment Parenting community here is amazing. We have monthly support group meetings, three official play groups a week, mom's night out, partner's night out, pot lucks, a summer camping trip.... amazing people, super support. One of the things I am most proud of is that when a new baby is born into our community, food is brought to the family every other night for at least a month. We have a high rate of doulas and midwifes involved, our VBAC rate is nearly 100%...
Saturday from 10:30-12, Parenting Oasis is hosting the Attachment Parenting International support meeting on Preparing for Birth and Parenting. It is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about attachment parenting and the API community in the Twin Cities. Also, from 12-1 we will be having a working moms support meeting. Parenting Oasis is a free drop in center- check out the website for more information and programs. Also- if you are looking for...
There are a number of mommas on the Attachment Parenting Inter group that do home daycare. I think everyone should join so that they have the real life support that this group offers. http://www.orgsites.com/tn/twincitiesapi/index.html If you aren't interested, PM me and I can forward your message to a friend who might be a good fit.
Since he works on the whole person, it often starts as traditional chiropractic stuff but it is so much more about healing and being in touch with your own body. Some of my psychology clients feel his work really supports what they are doing in therapy with me.
http://www.drstevenhiebert.com I know him personally, my sister has seen him for healing and things he is amazing.
I think at 2 with another one on the way might be a good time to wean as well. You don't want him to associate weaning with the new baby so get on it. I think it is just really hard for 3-4 days and then fine. I made the mistake of weaning on my son's birthday and it ruined the day for us. Just pick a day, enjoy your last nursings and then say good bye. You can tell him they are empty or broken but I suggest not doing the "big boy" thing. If he sees others nursing it...
Both are first ring subs so they have good services, sidewalks, lots within walking distance and I think everything you are asking for. The Y here is wonderful- in all areas of town. There are lot of parks and bike paths. I think either would be great. Bloomington is more expensive but has a much better reputation then Brooklyn Center but there are good neighborhoods in both. I would check out Craigslist for rental ideas. Good luck. Maureen
Quote: Originally Posted by babymango I've just moved to the twin cities and was wondering if anyone knew of a bulk food store, ideally in St Paul, accessible by public transportation? Where in Saint Paul, what bus lines, and what kind of food stuff are you looking for?
Since your dh will be in Mendota, you might want to consider Rosemount. It is an older suburb with great schools, mature trees, lots of churches, very low crime and close to everything. I would look on Craigslist for rentals to get some ideas of prices. Things are cheaper right now because of all the foreclosures.
There are also two new birthing centers opening in the Twin Cities this winter and those midwifes are seriously committed to VBACs. I was allowed to VBAC after 2 but that was 5 years ago and things have only gotten worse. I would only use homebirth or a birth center if I were doing it again. http://www.health-foundations.com/ http://www.morningstarbirth.com/ Connect with ICAN- they have meetings monthly and can also help you make good connections. HCMC is...
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