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The Twin Cities has a great homebirth community, great attachment parenting community and although I am not involved, I have heard wonderful things about the homeschooling groups. The winters are long, isolation can be a serious problem so getting connected to like minded mommas is essential but there are lots of us Mothering mommas who can show you the ropes. Maureen
Please let all your pregnant, new parent friends know about this event. It is such a great opportunities to really consider your birth and parenting options. And there Midtown Global Market is such a great place to spend a Saturday.
This Saturday, 9/19 from 10-2 Parenting Oasis will be open to host the Attachment Parenting International monthly support group. The meeting this month is about Positive Discipline. It is from 10:30-12. This meeting is free and an open conversation about attachment parenting and discipline. It should be wonderful. It is a great way to meet lots of other parents. There will be lots of dads there and as always the kids are all welcome. See you...
I ignored your post because of the Eden Prairie thing- sorry. If you are looking for VBACs in the Twin Cities- YES YES YES Where are you living now? I would check with ICAN for the best list and connections and The Childbirth Collective for a doula who can help. The hospitals who actually have the best reputations for VBACing are St Johns, HCMC, but you should check out Morningstar birth center. It is opening in Saint Louis Park very soon. There is another birth...
www.twincitiesbirthandbaby.com October 10th 10-5 Midtown Global Market Hey everyone- put this on your calendar and find us on Facebook and invite everyone you know who has kids, is pregnant, is trying to get pregnant or will be making babies someday. This is such a great way to introduce people to natural birth options and natural family living. Midtown Global Market is easy to get to, has great food and will be the place to be. Just come hang out and meet so many...
Parenting Oasis is opening a new north side option on Wednesdays at Harrison Neighborhood Center from 10-3 for all you northsiders, downtown mommas. I'll post details this week- or sign up for my newsletter at www.parentingoasis.com
Let me clarify first- SID (sensory integration?) and AD.. attention deficiet? It is hard to compare state to state. There are great schools here and not so great. I have worked with lots of kids with special needs (I'm a psychologist) and my eldest had all sorts of special needs and did horribly in Minneapolis. The city school systems are so over run with high needs kids from poverty that their services are all about aggressive boys. That is why we moved out to the...
Maureen from Apple Valley Nate (24) Joey (7) Zach (5) come play with us at www.parentingoasis.com
Kristin Johnson Hiebert at Parenting Oasis in South Minneapolis does a fantastic job and you get childcare included as well as supporting an amazing organization! PM me and I can get you her email/phone if you are interested.
October 10th at Midtown Global Market. Hey put this on your calendar- it is going to be super. It is hosted by ICAN and all the midwives and doulas, natural stores, health care providers are going be there. Great way to introduce new or expecting parents to this stuff. http://twincitiesbirthandbaby.com/
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