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No big kid groups that I know of... The Attachment Parenting community has some of us who continue to hang around after the kids start school because the company and values are so important but once school starts it seems most of us end up making our connections through school. If you are interested in info about the AP community let me know.
You don't say where you are. There are a number of resources in the Twin Cities that might be helpful. Do you think he wants to read something, do a class or meet with other parents? Off the top of my head, a baby massage course would be one way to start. He is likely doing great, just not sure what to expect. Good for you for helping him find some support. There is also the possiblility of postpartum depression- it does happen to daddies more than we expect.
Freestanding, using Methodist if needed for transfers, the Wisconsin one has been in operation for years. Paula is wonderful- totally commited to women and birth, taking on lots of v-bacs which are my passion. She knows her stuff. This is a turning point for choices for women in Minnesota. It was her testimony that got the law changed in Minnesota to make this possible and hopefully Morningstar is only the first of many here.
When are you due? Morningstar Birthcenter should be open in Saint Louis Park in September and they are wonderful. Paula is doing her prenatals at Blooma for now. I also know and adore Kim Garret and Jeane Brazille and Nicki Kerrigan and Trillium Midwife Care has three wonderful midwifes but I didn't birth at home so wait and I'm sure you'll get lots of help here. Otherwise you can join the Attachment Parenting Twin Cities group if you want more help- many of those...
http://www.co.dakota.mn.us/LeisureRe...hulzeBeach.htm Schulze Beach in Eagan is super kid friendly and not so busy, especially during the day. It is sandy, some shade, shallow and clean.
I can say she should do great on the bus in Minneapolis- the Basillica is right on a ton of lines. Due to the economy, rents are low right now. I would check out Craigslist for rental options. Most should be heat included, maybe even electric. And she should have no problems (she will have health insurance?) finding wonderful care providers on those bus lines as well. I would look south Minneapolis, along Lyndale perhaps.
Paula is currently doing prenatals at Blooma in Edina while they get the building in Saint Louis Park done. I know they are aiming for early fall.
Welcome!!! For lots of support and instant community, join the local Attachment Parenting group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TwinCitiesAPI/ And check out Parenting Oasis in South Minneapolis for drop in support. I'm sure you'll be fine- just the fact that you are already working on this is a great sign. Maureen
I live in Apple Valley, we have a great co-op near by and farmers markets in summer. The neighborhood isn't very crunchy but has a great LLL group. I miss the huge diversity of living in Mpls but get there all the time (yeah Parenting Oasis). The reason we chose Apple Valley was the school system. Now that they are both school age I love that the schools are wonderful, I love the quiet neighborhoods, the parks and ponds.
Thank you Daniela for the wonderful vote of confidence. I do love working with new mommas. If Burnsville doesn't work for you here is a list of great therapists who specialize in ppd through out the TC. Krista Post is in St Louis Park and although she isn't very AP, I think she could support you. http://www.pregnancypostpartumsupportmn.org/ And please do come to Parenting Oasis. We are a free drop in parenting center. You can come have lunch, a cup of coffee, let...
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