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Hey, we worked really hard at updating the Parenting Oasis website, check it out. If you haven't been in, come in and visit. PO was my dream to create something as helpful and supportive as mothering.com in real life.
We have a great massage therapist at Parenting Oasis. Kristin does both chair massage and table massage and childcare is included. If you drop me a note, I can give you her email. Maureen
I am in the Twin Cities but I just want to encourage you to try. I have a VBAC after 2, for high pitocin and failure to progress. (Two over 10 lb babies.) I had a wonderful birth with my third and it was well worth finding a care provider who believed in me. And I would second looking into doing it at home. You need time, and sadly hospitals clocks are ticking. Interview everyone, find the person who believes you can do it. Good luck! Maureen
There isn't a hospital in town that doesn't do c-sects. The problem is finding one that will let you do a VBAC. My second was a failed VBAC attempt at Regions and I felt great about the care. St. Johns where I got my VBAC was fantastic for birth but the food wasn't. I have also heard good things about Woodwinds.
We've done a few of these at Parenting Oasis and they sometimes work. We have very successful sling/cloth diaper swaps but the hard thing is getting clothes for bigger kids. Mostly everyone brings in their baby clothes and just sell them off since so many of our mommas need little one clothes. If you are interested in hosting something, drop me a note. Maureen
I live in Apple Valley- it has great schools and we love it here. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I drove all the way to St. Johns and Generations to get my VBAC- it really isn't that bad of a drive. It's worth it. As for Blue Cross with a health savings account- you really need to get all your ducks in a row before the baby because this stuff is really complicated. You have to open the account before the baby is born and have the money you...
I have found Mpls Kids not nurturing/supportive enough for younger kids- they expect a high amount of independence but I love the staff at the YMCA- afterschool, summer and camps. They love kids, are well trained and appropriately staffed.
Tomorrow is the monthly API support group meeting and it is my favorite topic- Mother Guilt. This is a great way to check out the community and meet a lot of fantastic like minded parents. 10:30-12 at Parenting Oasis 3901 Chicago Avenue S Mpls MN come have a muffin and cup of coffee, meet people, hang out and let the kids play Hey and we actually get a fair number of daddies at these so bring him along!
Ophelia got to my two favorite recommendations but please- join the API group. It is amazing. We have 3 play dates each week around the area, we had monthly parent topic days at Parenting Oasis and we do so many great activities and support each other. And please come to Parenting Oasis- we have a drop in center in South Minneapolis where you can just come and hang out, have lunch and let the kids play while we talk. We're open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. ...
We went to Murphy's Landing in Shakopee. It is a turn of the century villiage all set up with different ethnic holiday traditions, live music, horse drawn trolley. It was really fun. They have a candle lit evening Friday and then Saturdays and Sundays through the month. http://www.threeriversparkdistrict.o...g/folkways.cfm
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