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Two zoos- Como in Saint Paul, Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, Underwater World at Mall of America, riding the train, walking the skyways in downtown Minneapolis, The Mpls Art Institute is amazingly kid friendly, Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington. Oh and of course- come have lunch at Parenting Oasis!
Although highly limited hours- you can't beat Parenting Oasis for kid friendly coffee!
The book The Sex Starved Marriage by Michelle Weiner Davis is wonderful for looking at ways to increase and understand your sex drive. The best thing I learned is that many women have low sex drives when their kids are little. Honestly it is kind of natures birth control. It protects this baby from being pushed away too quickly. So women have to learn to out think their hormones and work on remembering how nice sex is, how much they really do love their partners and...
I just made the most amazing -pumkin spice bread using sweet potatos. They are a huge favorite!
My mom gave my brother (one year older) up for adoption and was really waiting for him to contact us. My younger sister just couldn't wait and decided that he was her brother and she wanted to know him, know that he was ok. Having Michael in our lives has been great. I have 4 other siblings that I am close to. I wasn't particularly "hungry" for a relationship but what a difference it has made to both my mother and my brother who had such severe hunger they couldn't...
The Twin Cities Attachment Parenting group is hosting a halloween party at Parenting Oasis on Saturday from 10-2. Come meet like minded families, have fun and lunch! Maureen
API Monthly Meeting: How the Way You Were Parented Affects the Way You Parent Saturday October 25th 10:30-12 As parents, we are influenced in our decisions by many things – the books we read, what our friends do, how our partner’s parent. Perhaps most importantly, though, we are affected by the way we were parented. We must be willing to examine ourselves – our background, beliefs, motivations, behaviors – and how these things affect the way we parent. This meeting will...
Given the current economy- it is a really great time to find an in-home care provider. I have had my kids at a center and then a long term run with a stay at home mom and now another mom. I love in-home! Try Craigs list, try the resource list. And then just plan on visiting and asking lots of questions. There are wonderful woman out there that want to do childcare, who love being with kids. It is so nice to find a caregiver that your kids can be nurtured by. Good...
Yes- there is a wonderful psychologist in Burnsville... Me. You need to get in and see me. I'm sure I can help you figure something out. PM me and I'll give you my office phone, etc. Maureen
Baby Ballroom dance studio is having a little one party on Friday from 10:30-12 in Saint Paul. It costs $15 but you get a free class coupon and her classes are wonderful. Meghan's Baby Ballroom (651)468-9763 www.babyballroom.com
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