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Parenting Oasis and Attachment Parenting International Twin Cities are hosting a party on Saturday from 11-2 for little ones. I would check out the neighborhood parks for Halloween. The parties can be really fun. Of course we always trick-or-treat, in Minneapolis when they were little, now in Apple Valley.
It is my understanding that due to the strength of the medical and hospital professions in MN, there are no free standing birth centers and it would be difficult to get one opened. The closest in in Menomonie Wisconsin- an hour west of the Cities.
It was wonderful! I loved it. But mostly I just love being in the group of amazing, beautiful women. What a great community we have.
I'm going- who else is going to be there? Maureen
Check out Parenting Oasis www.parentingoasis.com We have regular drop in hours as well as classes and groups for parents of little ones on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10-3, Saturdays 10-2. Attachment Parenting International has a couple of weekly playdates. Check out our Yahoo group at TwinCitiesAPI@yahoogroups.com Also check out Eden Prairie Mall play area, Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington is wonderful, Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield is nice. Most cities...
Wednesday September 17th 12:30 – 1:30 Wraps Slings N Things-Where Comfort & Style Collide! Darcel Harmon hosts a wrap event. Bring your own carriers, discuss options and benefits of wearing our babes, try out different carrier’s, learn different carry’s and correct positioning. Feel free to bring slings to trade/sell as well. Saturday September 20th 10:30-12 Attachment Parenting International Monthly September 20: Birth & Bonding The benefits to mother, father and...
I'm pretty sure no one is going to get you in any faster- that is just how things are running. If you mostly are interested in OT, then call your doctor's office and just tell them you want a referral for Ot, they can do it. Has your daughter had her 4 year old preschool screening yet? You could ask for that and they would do an assessment and see what you qualify- they have a pretty good handle on what is "normal" in 4 year olds. I honestly don't think neuorpsychs...
Are you a member of the local API group? There are a lot of mommas on there that do childcare or know providers. I would join (because it is a wonderful group) and then ask for help. http://www.orgsites.com/tn/twincitiesapi/index.html Maureen
Ok- where else can I ask what is going on with my body? I weaned on my son's 4th birthday, two months ago. For the past 7 years I have been nursing or pregnant almost the whole time. I am also 44 years old. So... is this normal? What is even normal? I feel tired, touchy, foggy, and horribly constipated. Am I slamming into perimenopausal stuff? Help!
I agree with what has been said and would add that doctors shouldn't be offended by questions- really. Just ask what you want to ask. You could just say... " I want to talk about natural childbirth" or "I have some questions about what I can expect" how can that offend anyone? You sound nice to a fault! Just kidding but really you are going to need to be pretty assertive with your body to get the birth you want. And you are going to need an assertive voice with your...
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