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7 hours is considered sleeping through the night and I would think that an exclusively bf baby would be pretty hungry after 7 hours. AP means responding to our children's needs as quickly and compassionately as possible. That means feeding them when they are hungry. I don't believe that most doctors know much about breastfed babies or really a great deal about healthy attachment. They just don't have time for it in school. I go to doctors for medical advice. Actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aquaduct But I think we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater these days. I think that "cheating" requires rules.... and we threw out the rule book. Same idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherE well i could tell you what the spoiler said... Just tell me what you want.... I have chocolate....
Remember ladies with Senority should come some wisdom and leadership!!! Congrats!!!!
I have no great advice about lead and wasn't going to post but I always post when I see moms beating themselves up for things they can't control. Let go of the guilt. You are not responsible for enviornmental issues. You are doing the best that you can. I doubt a short term exposure that has been addressed is going to do anything. Please be gental with yourself momma. I am sure there is no harm done and all you can do- is all you can do.
Some allergies are life threatening and some are mildly irritating. My ds is sensitive to milk- he gets constipated rather than diahrea. My oldest is very allergic to mangos and goes into shock. I am allergic to mold but all I get is a runny nose and itchy eyes. Since most allergies are in the irritating range, it seems like you are always going to run into problems with people under reacting to your child's allergies.
Feel bad?! No way. If you are eating well, you are doing great. After two huge babies by c-sect my MW said if you want to deliver this baby naturally you keep your weight gain down to 25 lbs. I did it- both the weight and the vaginal birth and believe me, feel so much better gaining so much less weight. (And my tiny one weighed only 9'4".)
And in six months no less. Congratulations but I agree, you may want to get out more. I am figuring at my current rate, and I feel so guilty for how often I am here, I won't be a senior member for another 6 months.
Hey-what happened to the spoiler? Wasn't sure I wanted to know, but now it is killing me. You are such teases.
We co-sleep- my huge 6'3" husband, myself, my one year old, the rat terrier sleeps under the blankets by my knees. I think he resents night nursing as I have to roll over regularly and this requires him to move! He shakes his head, moves to my other side and goes back to sleep. Now we have my oldest son's dumb mutt who is a shepard mix and a big oaf. She only gets bed space if it is really cold at night. My 3 year old thinks we are nuts and refuses to sleep with us...
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